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Madwifi: Set Bit Rate failure

Hi all, I have my D-link wireless card running using the madwifi driver, however it always reports an error when starting: Set Bit Rate failed. From what i can see it is running at about 54-56bps but is capable of 108.
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Linksys in Fedora Core 4 (Plz Help)

hi, im a newbie in this thing of linux (is my first time actually). . . I kinda liked Fedora but when i got wireless internet i tried to acess the internet with a Linksys WUSB54G but Fedora didn't detected it ??automaticly?? (something like automatic;)) and i would like to have internet in fedora core 4 thats why i ...
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D-Link DFE-690TXD PCMCIA cardbus - RH7.0 HELP!

I'm trying to set up my CTX laptop for connection to a netgear fast ethernet switch I've got at home - DSL modem is also connected to this switch. I have (2) Windows PC's connected and working fine. I have a D-Link DFE-690TXD Cardbus PCMCIA ethernet card for it - I downloaded the linux driver from - Now I'm attempt ...
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added 1 linux box to windows network, network can't be seen now

Ok, long story short. I built a small linux box and run opensuse 10. 0 fully updated on it. I have added to my companies network to learn various aspects of networking with linux. I am guessing that the box took over as master browser, because once it's turned on, I can't open my workgroup.
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where do i get wlanconfig?

Hey guys, Which package does wlanconfig belong too? I'm using Fedora Core 4 and trying to get my DWL-G510 wireless dlink up and running. I've already downloaded Madwifi and the appropriate kernel module for my kernel from Livna.
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usb cable modem on fedora core 1

I dont know if it can be done but i need help connecting my usb cable modem to my linux i have a dual boot win xp and fedora core xp is what i am using to connect to internet with the usb but the drivers are only exe no binaries so i am stuck trying to figure it out any help would be appreciated
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WUSB54G with Ubuntu

Hi, I'm really a linux newb, i just installed ubuntu on my other hard drive. . I want to have internet on it, but i have a wireless lan at home, and i use a linksys WUSB54G, an usb 802. 11g/b adapter.
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Does anyone have any experience with the Senao/Engenius 2511 CD Plus Ext-2 Card on Redhat Linux 9. 0. I have the card and the linux but got no idea if it will work. Any help would be appreciated. .
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Home Network Pleeeeze Help!

I have 2 computers sharing an internet connection on a Belkin router. This is a wired network! When I first connected them to the router, I had to change my printer configurationon on the no. 1 box to a shared printer, in order for the printer to print.
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USB Wifi Adapter

Hey. . . I'm in the market for a USB 802. 11b/g adpater that supports WEP and WAP that will run on linux fairly well. Plz Keep in mind that cheaper is better for me. Thanks!!.
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Share files between Win2k and RH Linux 8

I know I'm supposed to read posts and gather what I can, and I have read. I have read so much I now have a killer headache, and am no farther than I was when I started. Simply, I have a Win2k box and a dual-boot Win2k/RH Linux 8 box, 3Com 905B-TX cards in each, going through a router (each box recognizes it's card, ...
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Computer accesses all web sites fine - except google.

Hey all, I have a PC that I took down to move when I bought a new house - when I took it down all was fine. When I got it all up and running at my new house it worked fine still except for one thing - gmail and google do not work - just an error like I have no internet connection.
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Fedora Core 3 and XP Dual Boot Problems

I'm new to linux first off, and I have a Dell inspiron 5150 P4 2. 8ghz w/512 mb RAM. Anyway, I had XP Pro installed and I decided that I wanted to try out Fedora Core 3, so i d/l the iso and burnt it correctly, I installed everything and no probs to speak of, however I couldn't get back to xp from grub boot loader, ...
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Linux slave DNS server config

Hi. I'm trying to configure a linux(RH Enterprise Server 4) secondary DNS server for a zone that's hosted by a WIndows 2k box, both primary forward and reverse lookup zones. The windows machine has dynamic updates selected and zone transfers enabled by ip address for both zones, and a forwarder enabled- nslookup lo ...
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;( I have recently migrated over to the linux side of the force. I have a dual boot hard drive. on one partition I am running Suse 9. 3 pro, and on the other partition I am running Xandros 3. 0 desktop.
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fedora 4 samba and Windows xp

Hi Group, I am after some help with my samba setting on my new fedora 4 setup on my wifes computer. my Network here is a mix of dos, win98,win xp,linux red hat 8. 0 and now fedora 4. I have on my red hat 8.
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