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Added Sony TA-ZH1ES to QUIRKS.C

Hi friends, i am new in the Linux universe but i try to build a NUC with Ubuntu 22. 10 as a Music Player running HQ Player. Unfortunately my Sony DAC can only run in native DSD512 and thats why i tried to add the vendor ID to the quirks.
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avatar Last reply by StephanX on

Installing Nvidia Video card drivers

I need some help with installing Nvidia drivers. I have posted here before(danleff), so I'm not going into what all of my specs are. Suffice it to say that I'm trying to install the drivers for a EVGA 7950GT card on Mandriva Powerpack+ 2007.
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avatar Last reply by jimsing59 on

HELP needed to download Canon IXUS 105 driver

I need help downloading driver software for my Canon IXUS 105 camera. My laptop is running Linux Mint 8 Helena - Main Edition and all downloading sites seem to be compatible only with Windows or Mac.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Anyone who used script?

I downloaded this script and gave it a try and I was able to execute it. Unfortunately, it kept sending me the announcement that it could not find the isolinux folder although I have copied that folder to a directory along with six.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

CUPS - What does it stand for?

Can't Usually Print Stuff As you may guess I am having problems. I've got an Epson C40UX (yes it's cheap but I ain't got much money to spare on computer stuff). Linuxprinting. org tells me that it prints 'Perfectly'.
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avatar Last reply by kvenkat on

Sound Issues

Hi there i wonder if anyone can help me. . . i am running ubuntu 10 and i am running teamspeak 3 and enemy territory but i cant have sound on both at same time. . . would anyone please know a fix for this.
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avatar Last reply by tr1star1 on

installing Eclipse on Fedora12

Kapil Gupta
i installed yesterday eclipse on fedora through yum install disableplugin=presto eclipse* <enter> but when i start eclipse, only splash screen occurs and it stops there. when i started it from command prompt/terminal the following output came and again it stick with the splash screen.
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avatar Last reply by Kapil Gupta on

HELP!! fix MBR?

Hi, i am fixing a computer for a friend and am trying to install xp on a hd that was running ubuntu. When i get to running windows on the instilation screen, it freezes. I am told this is because of the MBR.
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avatar Last reply by bcw142 on

asking questions

how do I ask a question on this site and receive a specific answer only about that particular question. .
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avatar Last reply by SHS on

installing Eclipse on Linux

has anyone tried to install Eclipse on Linux? i'm running RedHat 9 and have downloaded and installed the java 1. 3. 1_08 sdk and have downloaded and unzipped the 2. 1 build of Eclipse - an IDE for Java and, apparently, c and c++.
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avatar Last reply by viajerofrecuente on

Looking for a DVD compression and ripping program

In WinXP, I use a DVD ripping program that'll not only make a copy but compress a Disk-9 to a Disk-5 single layer with very little image quality loss. Does anyone know of a Linux program that'll do that? Thanks.
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avatar Last reply by katosan59 on

Bordeaux 1.6 released for Linux and BSD

The Bordeaux Technology Group announces the release of Bordeaux 1. 6 for Linux, FreeBSD and PC-BSD. Version 1. 6 comes with added support for added support for Google's Chrome Web Browser, Google Earth, Google Picasa, Trillian and Apple's Safari Web Browser.
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avatar Last reply by twickline on

Linux noob

So my PC died recently and I've been thinking about installing Linux on my PS3 as a short term solution at least. Now, I know Firefox and Thunderbird work on Linux, as does VLC media player. There are a few other essential programs I need and would appreciate if someone could check the following: * Open Office * iT ...
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Eaccelerator does not start anymore

Hi, I have a strange problem with eaccelerator. I recognized that eaccelerator dooes not start again. Even after installing it again it do not run. When calling phpinfo() I can see that the. ini-file is parsed, but it do not run.
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

Evolution erase my email from Hotmail

i already sync the evolution with the hotmail, and it work perfectly but when i open hotmail without using the evolution there is no email overther, the evolution delete all the emails that i had on the inbox in hotmail, and the only way to see it is on opening the evolution, now i wanna make a partition and instal ...
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

Could not find update match for kernel

I'm running Centos 2. 6. 18-8. 1. 15. el5, dedicated server I got a security notice from my ISP that I needed to run 'yum update kernel' to fix a security hole. Yum is saying Could not find update match for kernel.
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avatar Last reply by esolberg on

How can i use kppp & tell me all dark point of it

hi every body Could i possibly ask you to explain some skills and instruction and tell some solving soulotion of kpp and dial up connection? it's seems that in z syber and all conexant chip on the dial up modems linux has problem or i am in the wrong.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

How Do I Uninstall Red Hat Enterprise

I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop with Red Hat Enterprise V3 on it. That is the only OP Sys. I want to uninstall Red Hat and install Windows XP Pro. I do not have the Red Hat installation disk. How do I uninstall Red Hat and install Windows.
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avatar Last reply by Wilhelmus on

Looking for a backup imaging program

On my WinXP machine, I have a backup imaging program called EAZ-FIX which has saved me from annoying reinstalls many times. Does anyone know of a similar program for Linux? Thanks. .
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avatar Last reply by jacatone on

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