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Add my site to your website

Hello Phil, I have a Linux Tutorial website that currently has feeds and posts on linuxtoday. com I would love to get my RSS featured here. Currently, post tutorials about how to, installation tutorials on ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.
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avatar Last reply by dhamu on

current motherboards that are linux compatible?

I am looking for a motherboard , that is linux friendly or compatible. Am having a hard time finding one. I called Asus and got a terrible response. only said: we do not support Linux. would not tell me which motherboards i could install Linux on ! would not transfer me to technical dept or to his supervisor.
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avatar Last reply by dduran1210gmailcom on

Submit RSS feeds?

Hi Philipp I noticed you use RSS feeds on your site. I run some Linux guides that may be helpful, and the categories do have RSS enabled. I was wondering If I can submit to get featured in the daily list, please? bytesboss.
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avatar Last reply by BytesBoss on

Automate WordPress Installation with Ansible on CentOS 8

Installing and setting up the WordPress website is a very difficult task for any beginner user. You will need to perform a lot of things to set up WordPress website including, installing and configuring Apache, installing PHP, installing and configuring databases, and configuring the firewall.
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avatar Last reply by hitjethva on

Sound card

I was wandering if i can use my E-Mu 1820 recording unit on linux,if so how to install driver for it
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

Pocket PC

Hi all! A fiend of mine gave me an with Windows Mobile Premium with Outlook 2002 installed. I was wondering if it was possible to install any distro on it. I've read but I can't find any solution (at the moment).
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avatar Last reply by Tripanarium on

Ububtu 10.04 not installing

Hello All, I am new to Ubuntu and so far I have been able to install it on my laptop and a media center server. The media center had a 80 GB drive in it and it worked like a charm. It has 10. 04 server, but I wanted to have a bigger drive and a gui interface.
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

Wine 1.3.4 not 1.2.1 released news error.

Wine release 1. 2. 1Posted by: Philipp Esselbach on: 10/09/2010 10:09 AM Hello I have 1. 3. 3 installed and testing for a week already ???? Installed it to test MS-DX10/11 for gaming as part of Galuim3D.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Delete GRUB

alright before you guys go all This has been posted! on me i have a different idea than everyone else. i have moved my grub to an external device and can and do boot off of it. i want to make it so when the device is not inserted nothing happens/computer gives user generated error then maybe it shuts off.
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avatar Last reply by Blazer323 on

Copying my existing Linux system to a USB HD

I'm trying to copy my operating system over to a USB hard drive (not a flash drive, but rather a hard drive) and then make it bootable on a laptop that has shown it can at least boot USB memory sticks and possibly also a USB hard drive.
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avatar Last reply by nimbosa on

What version of Linux is this?

I don't understand this output. Is there such a thing as RedHat 3. 4??? $ cat /proc/version Linux version 2. 6. 9-42. 0. 3. EL. wh1smp (root@wdl70144) (gcc version 3. 4. 6 20060404 (Red Hat 3. 4. 6-11)) #1 SMP Fri Aug 14 15:48:17 MDT 2009 $ This is a very strange machine.
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

about flightgear

hi, how to read. btg files as its in binary format. I m trying to put X-Plane terrain in FlightGear. X-Plane contains. ter files in Windows and FlightGear contains. stg files in Linux. In X-Plane. dsf is in binary format and in FlightGear its.
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avatar Last reply by KenJackson on

WLAN connectivity on Fedora 8

Hi. . I am new to linux. . . i recently installed fedora 8 on my acer Laptop. . . its travel mate 4270. . It is a dual boot O. S. . it uses windows XP and fedora 8 of course. . . Well the installation of fedora 8 went smoothly.
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avatar Last reply by gbmorrison on

Permissions Denied

nxssh runs on port 22 by default. I have sshd running on another port, but am unable to find out how to change the port nxssh is looking for other than 22. Any ideas?.
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avatar Last reply by gbmorrison on

grub.conf edited by mistake

Hello friends I have 2 OS installed in my PC 1. Windows-xp 2. R. H. linux In grub. conf, I have commented linux part(unfortunately) and windows part is as it is. It means at OS selecting screen only windows portion is visible, even if you want to select linux OS you cant.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

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