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Linux Customization Tweaking

Tips and configuration tweaks for Linux

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Having a little Trouble!

My computer is running slow, slow, slow, all of a sudden! Is it possible to have gotten a virus, and or spyware? I am running FC3 on my machine. Also, I get a message when I log in: Could not look up internet address for 68.
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avatar Last reply by RichardGhval on

Linux tips&tricks

Hi, here you have a website that covers many of the stuff commonly used in Linux:. All content on the site is free and can be shared without permission. .
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avatar Last reply by MasterPuppets on

connecting to to internet with ubuntu

am not having very good luck connecting to the net on my linux box, now it has been years since I have looked at linux, I lust loaded up a ubuntu box and am unfamiliar with it, I have DSL cable or wireless and unsucessfull with either.
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avatar Last reply by Zenn on

Dual Boot/Multi Linux Distro Help

i have a few questions regarding a setup that will allow me to (1) use bootmagic as my bootloader (2) have multiple versions of linux installed (3) operate XP on drive 1 and various linux distros on drive 2.
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avatar Last reply by Sharon K on

need some help un-partitioning my harddrive

ok first off, thank you for the help! so im having a problem unpartitioning my hard drive. a frined of mine thought it would be cool if i had this so he did it for me a long time ago. recently i have been running out of room, because i have a 10 gig harddrive.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

mail API support in Linux for programmers

Hello , I am sure that the following problem is not at all new. Some one have already handled this. I would like to know from them, how this can be handled. Application takes the information from a user, through a normal GTK based GUI.
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avatar Last reply by Anonymous on

swap (noobie question)

I'm thinking of increasing my swap partition, which is easy enough. but I've recently read up on how to also make a swap file. I was wondering; what are the pros and cons of using a swap file vs a swap partition?.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

A Newbie With Problems

Hi. I just installed redhat Linux es 3 on my compaq presario 4000 laptop, (i couldn't get anything else)and I've been trying to configure a lot of stuff (sound, power management, wine, java, etc). I was able to sound drivers, but I've been having problems with the make comand.
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avatar Last reply by cmccrea on

Yet another Newbie dual boot question

Hi all; Here is how my system is currently setup: AMD 64 3000 1 Gig RAM 80 Gig IDE hard drive Dual 120 Gig SATA hardware mirrored drives. C:\ is Windows XP32 D:\ DVD burner E:\ DVD burner F:\ is Windows XP64 G:\ harware mirrored SATA drives for My Documents storage C and F are on the same physical drive.
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avatar Last reply by mohona on

Error Codes

hey guys, Is There any tips or E-Books To Identify The Error codes. So that we can able to rectify the errors. For instance Error 15, Error 27 such that. . . . Thankx.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Untitled thread

I am trying to burn a cd and I've got this message: I really did not understand what happened. After 5 cd losted I gave up to burn. Can you help me? Best regards. System - K3b Version:0. 11. 14 KDE Version: 3.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on


I have been trying for several days to build a LiveCD with the DSL (Damn Small Linux) ISO without any luck. According to what I was told, simply download dsl-1. 5. iso, and burn it to a CD, and it will work.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

E17 of Elive livdCD

I'm not sure if many of you have ever heard the desktop manager , but for those of you who are new to the linux community and are acquainted with or only, I would definitely recommend looking into this DM.
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avatar Last reply by iamroot on

"bad eip value"

I'm attempting to install linux on an old HP Vectra 500 which orginally had Win95. The box has a P1 processor with 48 Mb ram and a 1. 2 gig HD. I've partitioned the HD with partition magic with a 300 Mb Dos partition (fresh install of Win95), a 200 Mb Linux swap partition, and the remainder as a linux partition.
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avatar Last reply by Mel on

Fedora Core 1 Internet setup

I recently installed Core 1 on a new hard drive. Everything seemed ok , except I can't figuire out how to install my old internet service. I downloaded their software for Linux and then installed it, {Netzero.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Mandrake 10.2 Installed but....

I have installed Mandrake 10. 2 and all is cool except that during installation I did not select to have all rpm's copied to hdd - I now want to have all the rpm's on disk so I can reinstall any rpms remotely via ssh (I travel alot with work).
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avatar Last reply by Silver-Dagger on

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