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Networking under Linux

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WiFi USB adapter

I want to add WiFi functionality to a desktop PC with a USB Wifi convertor. Wich brand and/or type is the most likely to be recognised and used by Ubuntu (Mate) 22. 04? Or, wich chipset do I have to look for?.
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HI, anybody here are doing RHCE cource? Have u got good tutorials for rhce exam? Is there any tutorial in simple english is available on the net?
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Setting up wireless network - Slackware 13.1

Hi All, Am more or less new to Linux - Have played around with it on and off on the odd occasion since about 1993. At present an trying to get Slackware 13. 1 running (Slackware 9. 0 would have been my last attempt)on a Toshiba laptop with an Intel Pro 2200BG adapter.
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linux driver for wpn111 usb wireless adapter

im new to linux and loaded the linux 10 on my system lately. but im unable to get connected to internet,as im using netgear wpn111 usb adapter to connect to internet. linux do show wpn111 on the ubs port lists but its not getting activated.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Ubuntu networking problems, USB and wireless

Hello, I just got Ubuntu 10. 04 and am super impressed already in it's ability to recognize all my hardware. In trying to use my WUSB54g network adaptor, I can see my network but cannot access any webpages other than Ubuntu.
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how to setup network linux machine?

i have 6 linux machines. . please help me on how to setup network with my 6 PCs, i have no internet connection. . please give me a step by step procedure to work with this networking process. . thanks a lot.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Configuring Squid

Hi my doubt is how tho restrict a net user from downloading more than some MB of data using the squid. conf file. .
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avatar Last reply by ktpmsmd on

WPN111 linux help?

ok. . . first of all i know this has been asked but all in all they have had slightly different issues than me. . . . i have the wpn111 usb netgear and i dont have linux drivers. . . i dont even know what ndsiwrapper thign is.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Linux Newbie cant set up wireless network SuSE 9

First of all let me state that I am entirely new to Linux. With that said, here's the trouble. I'm attempting to configure my home cable network on my SuSE 9 pc. There are 2 computers in my network. COMPUTER A runs Windows XP and is hooked directly to the router, which is a Belkin Wireless G model# F5D7230-4.
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LAN Help

Hey, I'm rather new to Linux, and I was wondering if someone could give me a step-by-step walkthrough on connecting to a LAN network. . its the only way i currently have access to internet, and i use a certain network on my WinXP O/S, and i want to use the same network with Linux.
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wireless card netgear WG311v3 & SUSE 10.1 problems

I am somewhat new to Linux and really new to SUSE. I bought a Netgear wireless card WG311v3 and installed it in my father inlaws computer to allow him to access the internet from his office. Unfortunately, I have yet to get it working.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Searching Drivers for Netgear WG311v3

Hello, i have tested many drivers. it faild. i get 'driver present' but no 'hardware present'. . . . tested drivers: many ndiswrapper drivers, prismGT/54 madwifi and so on here is the output of lspci: Code:11ab:1faa (rev 03) 0000:01:07.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Hellp with Ubuntu networking

Hello! I am completely newbie with Linux and have no idea how it works. I just installed ubuntu on my machine and all seemed to be fine, but when I tried to connect to internet using Firefox it says unable to connect.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

D-link DFE 520Tx not working under ubuntu 7.04

Hi, i have D-link DFE 520Tx nic. the card works under dapper. But not under feisty. I even tries dapper kernel under feisty. i get the following error: Jun 11 23:19:14 hawkeye kernel: irq 16: nobody cared (try booting with the irqpoll option) Jun 11 23:19:14 hawkeye kernel: __report_bad_irq+0x24/0x80 Jun 11 23:19:1 ...
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avatar Last reply by manish_m on

Samba Client Problem

Hi, I am using SuSE 10. 2. Samba server is running well on my system. and i am able to see my server from windows machine. But, i could not find any systems from my machine which are sharing. . can any body solve my problem.
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avatar Last reply by peterh on

proxy server

Is it possible to setup a proxy server with my proxy account(ex. user=john password=qwerty)? I want to share my connection without other users needing my username and password. How do i setup a proxy server with this account? Thanks.
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avatar Last reply by ceejay949 on

WPN111, new to Linux.

Well, I've had a friend helping me out with trying to get my Netgear WPN111 Wirelesss USB Adapater working. So far, we've gotten a bunch of stuff done. I'm running Kubuntu 6. 06. 1 LTS. We figured out it already had NDISWrapper installed, so I popped in my WPN111 CD and had my friend walk me through how to use the ...
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