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Help with wireless setup

Hi, I had referred to these forums before in regard to help with setting up wireless in suse 10. 2 linux on a Dell 2200 Inspiron with built in broadcom wireless card (bcmwl5 driver). I was able to connect earlier but not able to do so.
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Linksys WPC11 v3

hi i'm new to linux and i need some help getting online with my wireless card, the Linksys WPC11 v3. i have both a wired ethernet card and this wireless card on my laptop. when i installed my linux operating system, suse 10.
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d-link dwl-650 on fedora 5, need help.

Hi, all I am trying to setup wireless network for my old laptop. I just installed Fedora 5 on it. I am a newbie in linux world. I have done reading for a week but each time I tried I failed to follow the instructions one way or the other.
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Configuring rtl8139 in FEDORACORE5

Hello, I am facing problems with detecting realtek rtl 8139 fast pci ethernet adapter in FC5. when i did lspci, the device shown @ the pci lan slot was unknown device. Even in the system-network-config option where there is a gui to configure the network ,this card is not shown.
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Chicken and the Egg

Hi. I've recently installed Xubuntu (Dapper) and run across a rather crippling issue- I can't get on-line. Xubuntu detects my external 56k modem, it connects (making the handshaking sound), then hangs up once the connection is established.
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Hi: I've been trying to set up an old PCMCIA wireless card in my even older laptop since last week but i've got some problems. I dont know if i need to use NDISWrapper (or if linux is already using it) to solve them because the card is accepted and correctly identified by linux.
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New, Need some help with Fedora Core 5

Hello All, I have just recently installed Fedora Core 5 on my machine. I wanted to experiment/play with the enviroment since all I have dealt with is Windows Based computers. I will get to my point now.
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Untitled thread

Hi all! This may or may not be the place to ask this question, but here goes! I have been trying to partition a hard drive so I can dual boot Win XP, and That Other Operating System (Ubuntu 6. 06).
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D-Link Ethernet cards with Ubuntu 6.06

Would Ubuntu 6. 06 detect Dilink ethernet cards. I have to choose between D-link 538 TX and 520 TX. I have been having problems with my existing ethernet card ( Realtek 8139D)with Ubuntu not detecting the card.
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Dapper problems: F5D6020v2

DJ Wings
I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 5. 10 to 6. 06 via sudo dist-upgrade. This has apparently cost me support for my Belkin F5D6020 WNIC, which I have used for a year. What I've done: 1. Ran the drver with Wine, unshielded the cabinet files, and looked for driver files.
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Belkin Network Card

hello y'all. Of course, as with any person migrating from Widows, I am a noob. I tell you one thing, it was much much easier setting up my system with linux than it was with windows and I like all the options that it has that would usually require third-party applications with windows.
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ndiswrapper wont respond with Suse 10.0

i installed ndiswrapper from source forge and read nearly every thread about ndiswrapper installed and reinstalled ndiswrapper numerous times, tried different commands that ppl posted and different techniques following these steps i even chatted with the guy that wrote this page i have the compaq v2710us with the B ...
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WG111T on Fedora, cant make it work!

I already did the NDISWRAPPER thing. when i do NDISWRAPPER -L this comes out: athfmwdl driver installed, hardware present netgw11t driver installed when i do IWLIST SCANNING i get INTERFACE DOESNT SUPPORT SCANNING when i do IWCONFIG i get NO WIRELESS EXTENSIONS whats wrong? what am i supposed to do now? please help ...
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4k kernel stack size FIX

I have tried to do the 4k kernel stack size fix. I downloaded the kernel from Lunuxant. but i dont know how to install a kernel. please help me. im using fedora 3. thanks in advance. .
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Dwl-520 D-link wireless card need help?

Hi anyone can help me im very new to linux i installed fedora 4 and i dont know how to add drivers in to linux so it reconizes my dwl-520 rev -b card i read alot of things about it but it dont make since to me so if you can help how to edit the config file please let me know thanks romanticnick4eva@hotmail.
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Cannot connect to the internet

I am running a dual boot machine using windows xp and i just installed ubuntu 6. 06. I am connecting to the internet with a usb. On windows i used the cd i received from my interent provider, When i use the internet with windows, everything is ok, but i do not know where to go and how to connect using ubuntu.
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Unable to get my network card working on Suse Linux 10.1

Hi, I am a newbie to Linux trying to move away from WinXP to Suse 10. 1. Most of my system is working except for the most important part - my network. I use the ASUS P5PL2 motherboard with an integrated Realtek ethernet controller and this works fine on WinXP.
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