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Networking under Linux

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Can't connect to the Internet / network

I'm running a dual boot machine (FC4 64 and Win XP 64 Pro) and when I'm using FC4 I can't connect to either the Internet or see the other PC on my home network. When I'm using Win XP everything works fine.
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Need driver for Netgear WG311T for Knoppix and dynebolic

Hello, am relatively new to Linux. Have a system that is not already connected to the Internet. Want to install this card to connect wirelessly thru a router to the Internet. I've looked at this page - which is very confusing as I come from the Windows world.
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Driver for DLink DGE-530T Gigabit PCI on FC4

I did a YUM update (of everything) which took me from 2. 6. 11-1. 1369_FC4-i686 to 2. 6. 14-1. 1653_FC4-i686. Booting from the 2. 6. 11 kernel and doing a grep on dmesg shows: eth0: DGE-530T Gigabit Ethernet Adapter eth0: network connection up using port A Booting from the 2.
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Installing madwifi

I am attempting to get my NetgearWG311T PCI wireless card to work. I have downloaded the RPM madwifi-0. 0. 0. 20060520-6. lvn5. i386. rpm and copied it to my home folder. Next I used the command rpm -i (filename) and received the following message: warning: madwifi-0.
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Wireless adapters.....

I am trying to set up internet on SuSE 10. 1. . . . i currently have a netgear WG111 which apparently has no drivers for it. . . . . i was planning on purchasing a WG111T which is a atheros chipset USB adapter but i want to make sure it works.
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Newbie..Netgear WPN111 Question

Ok ok. . . so I just got Suse Linux 10. 0 three days ago. I've always been a Mac and Windows user and have NO clue what I'm doing on Linux. . PLEASE HELP ME!! So here goes. . I built a small computer for my sister to access the internet and decided to buy Suse Linux 10.
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FC5 Up and Running

I just got FC5 installed and so far it looks really good! I have to say, I believe the package manager is a big improvement! Have'nt had much time to go exploring in it yet, but so far, I'm impressed! Justbill Win XP & Fedora Core 5 Compaq Presario SR1426Nx 2.
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Lost my DSL connection

G'day all, I was trying to get an internal modem working on another computer I have here running Unbuntu Breezy. In the process I wiped the recognition of the eth0 auto-configure DHCP. I've tried everything including reinstall of distros (Kubuntu, Hoary etc) but to no avail.
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Difference Between FC5 & Dapper flight 6

Everything that didn't work in FC5 finall, works in Dapper flight 6! GeForce FX 5200 works in Dapper, didn't in FC5 Soundblaster Live 24 bit works in Dapper, didn't in FC5 Kodak Camera works in Dapper, didn't in FC5 Its funny that a final release would have as many problems as FC5 had, while a distro thats still in ...
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Ubuntu 5.10 Wireless PPPoE/VPN Connection Issues

Hello, At my university, the only way to access the internet is through a VPN connection on a wireless network. I've got the wireless card in my machine to connect to the access point, that's all OK, but, I'm struggling getting the PPPoE connection and the VPN connection to work.
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Need help Buffalo Wlan NIC on Fedora Core 5

Is there a firmware available for Buffalo b/g wlan nic WLI-CB-G54S-EU for Fedora Core 5 (kernel 2. 6. 15)? I have IBM x23 laptop with some Intel's 860MHz cpu. The nic is not listed to the list of supported nics in the setup.
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Getting a Laptop but don't know what card to choose.

Well I'm going to tech school in a few months and I need to get a laptop. I am going for Computer Programming and really want linux fedora core 4 on my it. Here are my choices thhat I can customize from: Intel® PRO 2200 and Dell 350 Bluetooth Internal Wireless Cards Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200 Internal Wireless (802.
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Linksys Wireless G wpc54gs v1.1

Any help would be appreciated. . I've got Mandriva 2005 on a sony viao, I've installed the card using the built in gui for ndiswrapper. The card will not show my router. Oh, another wierd thing. . It won't work over ethernet either.
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Suse 10.0, Motorola SB4200, can't set up

I have an external USB cable modem - Motorola SB4200. I have successfully used this for years with Mandrake9. 2 (and WindowsXP). But I find the internet modules in YaST too numerous and too confusing.
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printing from linux to windows xp shared printer

Hi, this is my scenario (windows workgroup): windows xp sp2, epson epl6100L (shared as '6100L') linux rh9, lpd with a queue named 'p6100L' if I do an 'smbclient \\xp\6100L -p' I get to the xp machine, but if I 'print /etc/hosts'.
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