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Suse 10.0, online update breaks my wireless networking

Hi, I'm using Suse 10. 0 with a Belkin wireless pci card: f5d7000 the one with the atheros chipset. I am using ndiswrapper, that came with the Suse distribution CDs. I had originally configured the wireless card with ndiswrapper and Yast, and things were working perfectly.
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HELP!!! how do i install amsn?

Hello, im new on using ubunto 5. 10 i have a version of amsn on my computer but its an old version and i downloaded the newer version of amsn but i dont know how to install it. can anybody help me with detailed instructions on how i could do this.
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Arghh Suse 10 and wireless

I recantaly got all my computers setup on a wireless netork and then decided to install suse 10 on one of the computers. I had a look to see if there were any issues on useing wireless networks and found out various things.
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Linux act as a Router

Hello Sir, Please click the link and see the picture All the Machines are connected in Switch. I want to configure Redhat Linux server act as a router. Whether any changes in Linux server and Windows 2000 Professional Machine Thank You.
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netgear WG311T as AP??

how do i set up my netgear WG311T (atheros chipset) as an AP?? iwconfig essid mylan will make any machine become part of mylan but how do i make an accesspoint with the essid mylan any command??? i have done the following to get my card working 2)Go to ATrpm ( ) in Firefox 1.
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WUSB54G + Ubuntu

I've installed the ndisgtk for Breezy. I've also installed the Windows XP driver. I go to System / Admin / Wireless. I see the Windows Wireless driver but when I go to Configuration, I don't see a wlan card? Do I need to try another driver?.
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wlanconfig:no such do i get it??

i have a netgear WG311T wireless PCI card (having atheros chipset). . . . . . i intend to set my machine as an access point using madwifi. . . . i hv followed the foll procedure till now. . . . 1) check the current kernel details in terminal by running uname -a.
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Linksys USB200 network adapter / Fedora 4

Does anyone have one and more importantly got it to work? I am using fedora 4 on a thinkpad 600E. Linksys USB200 (usb 2. 0) WIRED network adapter. Thanks.
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Ubuntu Linux... any experts needed

i have recently installed ubuntu Linux on my gaming machine on a 20gig parttion. well, when i boot into xp using the grub loader xp boots fine. however, now i do not have internet access at all, but my outlying network still communicates w/ each other.
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dialup icon ?

Got fedora core 4 up and going, with my winmodem, thanks to danleff here and the good people over at 1. Is there a dialup icon, or some such ? Suse dropped a little plug icon in the system tray (is that the right term?), and I just clicked on it to connect or disconnect.
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need help how to set up replication on fedora core 4

newbie here. . . can anyone help me and my groupmates how to configure replication in fedora core 4. we've followed the steps in Karkomaonline. . . but nothing happens. we've retyped the script over and over and it seems we are really out of track.
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