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need help with huawei matebook D15 intel

Hello there I have the sid (rolling) debian installed and no sound without an external usb sound card, no fingerprint (undetected hardware) and suspend seems not to work. I need help to ensure that closing the lid of the laptop makes the system sleeps deeply enough to save the battery.
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"Need help with Inspiron 7415 2-in-1"

Muanchi Umeh
I have my new system and I want to Dual Boot it, but I am scared of doing it because of my last time try such and I couldn't see my Windows OS. Please can someone help me or show me the way. You can contact me @umehofficial on twitter.
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Linux driver for Aukey KM-G17

Looking for this driver. It is supposed to be on this site (supposed ly page 2684 of the archives) but a search here turns up no hits. Could someone kindly point me to it. Or even more kindly just post it so I can download.
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avatar Last reply by oakridge77 on

A320M-S2H V2-CF Working without any problem

I have that motherboard and it is working but the drivers are not compatible with linux,also app center isn't compatible so i can't use smart fan software (and idk if using wine is a good idea)
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avatar Last reply by aaads on

Need Linux-compatible PS/2 expansion card

Doing a custom-build, and one of the motherboards I'm considering has only one PS/2, so if I pick this board, I'll need expansion card that 'just works' with Linux. Not interested in messing with it, rebuilding kernel, etc.
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avatar Last reply by Zenn on

Code: Bad EIP Value

Weird problem, I have a 2003 megatouch game I am trying to repair and when the unit boots it hangs up on the following error. Code: Bad EIP Value. /etc/rc5. d/s50sound: Line 6: 173 Segmentation Fault (/usr/local/bin Soundchk The megatouch has an unknown M.
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avatar Last reply by megatouchguy on

USB 3.0 adapter

Hello, I have a PC with Gigabyte 790XT UD4P motherboard, with Linux Mint installed. PC is rather fine, but it misses one thing I need - USB 3. 0 ports. So I'm considering buying PCI Ex x1 card with (at least) 2 USB 3.
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avatar Last reply by lexman on

EPSON Multifonction Stylus SX400 and linux

fabrice houpeaux
Hi every body I'm new on this forum and french so you perhaps will excuse me for my level of english. I wanted to know if the EPSON Multifonction Stylus SX400 works without any big problems with linux (mandriva, ubuntu) ? I know that normaly, epson and linux are good friends but.
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avatar Last reply by sitarane on

Wacom bamboo drivers install

I am very new to Linux in other words never used it and I am trying to install the wacom drivers I am up to the autogen bit and it comes up with file or directory not found. . . I am assuming I am supposed to put where the file is at the end?.
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avatar Last reply by Dankriss on

Drivers Lexmark X2350

Hi I am new to Suse 10. 1 I am trying to intall a Lexmark X2350, but I am unable to find any drivers or assistance. I have tried turboprint, but only support brother, Canon, Epson, Hp. Can anyone help.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Hi everyone, I would just like to know if anyone as had success if at all with all the hardware i will list on here or if there are any issues i should be made aware of, i do not really need help (unless u can find a very similar and at the same price or real close to it if its known Linux won't work on it, of what ...
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avatar Last reply by toffuuu on

Nvidia setup

Hey guys i am new to all this and am wondering how to set up the xorg. conf for nvidia geforce 5500 as i am getting very bad fps in enemy territory any help on this would be grateful. . . . thanks.
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avatar Last reply by tr1star1 on

AMD AM2 Motherboard that works with Linux?

I'm seeking to acquire an AM2 motherboard ATX or mATX (new or used) that Linux will work after install. I have a AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4200 (940 pin) AM2 processor and I'm typically using Linux Mint 5 KDE edition.
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avatar Last reply by tuewru on

Drivers for Acer Aspire 1644 Needed

Hi guys, This is my first topic in your forum. I'm running Red Hat 9 on Aspire 1644. And this is my first time to run Linux. Would anyone help me getting drivers for my hardware? I think basically everything fine but I need the following: Bluetooth Wireless VGA Sound Regards, Mar1.
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avatar Last reply by Jessica S on

Is the ATI 4770 linux compatible?

It's EXCELLENT stuff, as usual, from the folks @ Opera! :) * Coming from me, an Opera user for years now! Better than ever in many ways. . . best web-browser out there now imo. APK.
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avatar Last reply by gbmorrison on

Usb wheel mouse

Hello I am new to Linux first time install of an older SuSE Linux 8. 0 Pro given to me by a friend to install on an older computer and learn on. The mouse is driving me insane it has a mind of its own it moves windows around and opens windows or menu icons without clicking on them.
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avatar Last reply by oneslocamaro on

Broadband hardware compatible with Linux?

Hello I have an Eee pc that runs on the Linux operating system. Please could you advise me which broadband hardware in the Uk is compatible with Linux. Ideally I would like a mobile broadband dongle that I can also take abroad anything considered at the moment as I'm getting desperate to get online! Thanks.
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avatar Last reply by jmmijo on

Device drivers w/Ubuntu

I just installed Ubuntu 8. 04-1 on a machine, and the video and audio are not working properly. The video will not reach it's fullest resolution, and I cannot make the audio what it's supposed to. I have the motherboard support CD with all the windoze drivers on it, but don't know how to use them to work in Linux.
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avatar Last reply by danleff on

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