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sata problems

hey guys, can you help me? i want to install linux 9 on my pc but linux cant recognize my hd, i used 2 run linux on an ide hd and i can install it but i switched to sata now and it says no harddrive.
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Epson Printer

Here is a help for whoever. Epson Stylus Color 740 works with Ubuntu 8. 10 My setup is a bit under-powered,but it works a bit slow. My proc. is a 700Mhz Coppermine with 378Mb Ram. Also the printer works with gOS3, and Mint 5.
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dsl modem not working

hai everybody please solbve my this problem i have installed red hat enterprise linux 5 along with windows xp in my computer and i am having utstarcom-300r2u dsl modem which doesnot get installed please tell me how can i install it when i installed in vmware linux virtualisation it automatically gets installed but ...
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aoc monitor prob 519 sw

hai iam working in a school in there they bought new aoc 519 sw monitors in display are fine but a message is showing input not supportthat is running on screen what will i do ? can you tell aremedy for this
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Drivers for Acer Aspire T180

Could someone plz get me drivers for acer aspire t180 so that i can install Linux Ubuntu on my computer. . . . By the way it came with Windows vista then i downgraded to Windows xp so could some1 plzzz give me drivers!?!?! Thanks for a reply in advance.
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arris touchstone modem help

I installed freespire as a secondary os, and am trying to access the web through an arris touchstone modem. I was wondering if anyone knows of a driver for this device.
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fedora installer not recognizing SATA

Hello i am trying to install Fedora 6 on the Dell Optiplex box and installer does not recognize the SATA drive. The BIOS does not have an option to switch to PATA. Is there a way to upgrade the installer? Any other solution? thank you.
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I enabld proprtary NVidia driver boots blnk screen

My Kubuntu 7. 10 (AMD64) boots to blank screen after enabling the nvidia proprietary driver. How can I reset it to the standard linux OS driver? is there any way to force a boot to Last known good configuration? TIA for any suggestions.
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d Huewai-E220 usb modem on Ubunto 7.1 and Vodacom

I am a newcomer to Linux so please help with this problem. Have edited wvdial. conf file and have rmmod usbseril and then modprobe usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x1003. ls -f /var/log/messages allows me to see wvdial trying to initiate the modem and failing to link to outside.
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ttyUSB0 not activated in Fedora 4

Hi, I am working on a microcontroller MSP430F149. When i am connecting my PCB board to USB in fedora 4 ,ttyUSB0 should be activated but unfortunately it is not getting activated. so fc4 is not able to detect my PCB board.
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Can't Install Linux

Hi there, i'm just a noob, so try to explain in human I have tried to install Ubuntu 7. 04, Mandriva 2005, Mandriva 2007 Spring and i can't even boot it (Mandriva 2007 got it installed, but the OS doesn't boot it just hangs) And with some Knoppix LiveCD.
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Magicolor 2430DL/OpenSuse 10.3 64-bit

I've posted this at the opensuse forums, but am casting my net as wide as possible for responses, I hope that's OK. I've just installed 10. 3 64-bit, and can't get my Magicolor 2430DL printing. I downloaded the foo2jzs tar and extracted it, then went into raptures when I found that it contained a PPD for that very ...
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F5D7011 V.2000 Wireless Card

Anyone know if the Belkin F5D7011 version 2000 wireless PC card is compatible with the latest Ubuntu or Fedora distros? Or where I can get drivers for it, or instructions for getting it working?
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Intel DQ35JO mobo ("Bearlake" Q35 Express) ??

I'm staring at an Intel Desktop Board Executive Series DQ35JO I picked up at Fry's for $130. It's a beauty of new components aimed squarely at the Core 2 Quad, but supporting many chips e. g. the Core 2 Duo E4300 Allendale 1.
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new comp video editing

Hi! I'm buying comp comp to use for video editing. i wonder if it's copmatible with linux: MB 1995 Processor 2245 RAM 2325 DVD 575 Chassi 1149 Grafics 790 Hard drive 695 995 Cooling CPU 249 59 Do I need a hard drive cooling? i've never used linux before, i'm not sure which distro to use either.
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Is this hardware supported for linux installation?

Dear friends, I am planning to assemble my own linux machine with these components as I am getting these components for very cheap price: 1. Motherboard: Biostar P4M890-M7 S-775 (integrated audio,video and graphics) 2.
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M-Audio 1010LT on Ubuntu

Hello everybody I want to buy the M-Audio 1010LT soundcard but before i want to be sure it will works perfectly on linux Does anyone know about this ? Thanks in advance
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