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Add my site to your website

Hello Phil, I have a Linux Tutorial website that currently has feeds and posts on linuxtoday. com I would love to get my RSS featured here. Currently, post tutorials about how to, installation tutorials on ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.
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avatar Last reply by dhamu on

Added Sony TA-ZH1ES to QUIRKS.C

Hi friends, i am new in the Linux universe but i try to build a NUC with Ubuntu 22. 10 as a Music Player running HQ Player. Unfortunately my Sony DAC can only run in native DSD512 and thats why i tried to add the vendor ID to the quirks.
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avatar Last reply by StephanX on

need help with huawei matebook D15 intel

Hello there I have the sid (rolling) debian installed and no sound without an external usb sound card, no fingerprint (undetected hardware) and suspend seems not to work. I need help to ensure that closing the lid of the laptop makes the system sleeps deeply enough to save the battery.
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on

"Need help with Inspiron 7415 2-in-1"

Muanchi Umeh
I have my new system and I want to Dual Boot it, but I am scared of doing it because of my last time try such and I couldn't see my Windows OS. Please can someone help me or show me the way. You can contact me @umehofficial on twitter.
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avatar Last reply by Muanchi Umeh on

WiFi USB adapter

I want to add WiFi functionality to a desktop PC with a USB Wifi convertor. Wich brand and/or type is the most likely to be recognised and used by Ubuntu (Mate) 22. 04? Or, wich chipset do I have to look for?.
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avatar Last reply by bertybob on

Linux driver for Aukey KM-G17

Looking for this driver. It is supposed to be on this site (supposed ly page 2684 of the archives) but a search here turns up no hits. Could someone kindly point me to it. Or even more kindly just post it so I can download.
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avatar Last reply by oakridge77 on

New Tutorial Feed request.

Hello Phil, I have a Linux Tutorial website that currently has feeds and posts on linuxtoday and lxer. com that I would love to get my RSS featured here. Currently post about 6 to 10 tutorials a week on Linux Distros, Webservers main focus.
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avatar Last reply by JoshLinuxCapable on

current motherboards that are linux compatible?

I am looking for a motherboard , that is linux friendly or compatible. Am having a hard time finding one. I called Asus and got a terrible response. only said: we do not support Linux. would not tell me which motherboards i could install Linux on ! would not transfer me to technical dept or to his supervisor.
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avatar Last reply by dduran1210gmailcom on

Submit RSS feeds?

Hi Philipp I noticed you use RSS feeds on your site. I run some Linux guides that may be helpful, and the categories do have RSS enabled. I was wondering If I can submit to get featured in the daily list, please? bytesboss.
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avatar Last reply by BytesBoss on

Automate WordPress Installation with Ansible on CentOS 8

Installing and setting up the WordPress website is a very difficult task for any beginner user. You will need to perform a lot of things to set up WordPress website including, installing and configuring Apache, installing PHP, installing and configuring databases, and configuring the firewall.
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avatar Last reply by hitjethva on

A320M-S2H V2-CF Working without any problem

I have that motherboard and it is working but the drivers are not compatible with linux,also app center isn't compatible so i can't use smart fan software (and idk if using wine is a good idea)
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avatar Last reply by aaads on

Sound card

I was wandering if i can use my E-Mu 1820 recording unit on linux,if so how to install driver for it
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avatar Last reply by Philipp on


I guess I have been coming to this site for 17 years now -when I supported windows NT servers/workstations. The drivers before plug and play. . . . . Anyway I have no idea how this place continues to exist but, thanks.
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avatar Last reply by Denver_80203 on

Having a little Trouble!

My computer is running slow, slow, slow, all of a sudden! Is it possible to have gotten a virus, and or spyware? I am running FC3 on my machine. Also, I get a message when I log in: Could not look up internet address for 68.
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avatar Last reply by RichardGhval on

Linux tips&tricks

Hi, here you have a website that covers many of the stuff commonly used in Linux:. All content on the site is free and can be shared without permission. .
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avatar Last reply by MasterPuppets on

The forum looks great!

Wow, the forum looks amazing now a days. I'll visit more frequently for sure. Great work Philipp BR Toby.
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avatar Last reply by Toby on

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