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Pocket PC

Hi all! A fiend of mine gave me an with Windows Mobile Premium with Outlook 2002 installed. I was wondering if it was possible to install any distro on it. I've read but I can't find any solution (at the moment).
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I want to say Hello to everybody as I have just joined the forum here. I hope to get lots of new things and to share my knowledge with you. .
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connecting to to internet with ubuntu

am not having very good luck connecting to the net on my linux box, now it has been years since I have looked at linux, I lust loaded up a ubuntu box and am unfamiliar with it, I have DSL cable or wireless and unsucessfull with either.
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Need Linux-compatible PS/2 expansion card

Doing a custom-build, and one of the motherboards I'm considering has only one PS/2, so if I pick this board, I'll need expansion card that 'just works' with Linux. Not interested in messing with it, rebuilding kernel, etc.
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Hi Everybody

Hello Everybody Will see ya in the threads!!
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Can't get Call of Duty running

I just installed COD with the loki installer and it installed successfully, however when I try running it it gives the following error: COD 1. 3 build win-x86 Mar 2 2004 - FS_Startup - Current language: english Current search path: Z:\home\linuxcrusader\cod\main\pakb.
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HI, anybody here are doing RHCE cource? Have u got good tutorials for rhce exam? Is there any tutorial in simple english is available on the net?
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Code: Bad EIP Value

Weird problem, I have a 2003 megatouch game I am trying to repair and when the unit boots it hangs up on the following error. Code: Bad EIP Value. /etc/rc5. d/s50sound: Line 6: 173 Segmentation Fault (/usr/local/bin Soundchk The megatouch has an unknown M.
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USB 3.0 adapter

Hello, I have a PC with Gigabyte 790XT UD4P motherboard, with Linux Mint installed. PC is rather fine, but it misses one thing I need - USB 3. 0 ports. So I'm considering buying PCI Ex x1 card with (at least) 2 USB 3.
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Installing Nvidia Video card drivers

I need some help with installing Nvidia drivers. I have posted here before(danleff), so I'm not going into what all of my specs are. Suffice it to say that I'm trying to install the drivers for a EVGA 7950GT card on Mandriva Powerpack+ 2007.
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HELP needed to download Canon IXUS 105 driver

I need help downloading driver software for my Canon IXUS 105 camera. My laptop is running Linux Mint 8 Helena - Main Edition and all downloading sites seem to be compatible only with Windows or Mac.
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EPSON Multifonction Stylus SX400 and linux

fabrice houpeaux
Hi every body I'm new on this forum and french so you perhaps will excuse me for my level of english. I wanted to know if the EPSON Multifonction Stylus SX400 works without any big problems with linux (mandriva, ubuntu) ? I know that normaly, epson and linux are good friends but.
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Wacom bamboo drivers install

I am very new to Linux in other words never used it and I am trying to install the wacom drivers I am up to the autogen bit and it comes up with file or directory not found. . . I am assuming I am supposed to put where the file is at the end?.
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Setting up wireless network - Slackware 13.1

Hi All, Am more or less new to Linux - Have played around with it on and off on the odd occasion since about 1993. At present an trying to get Slackware 13. 1 running (Slackware 9. 0 would have been my last attempt)on a Toshiba laptop with an Intel Pro 2200BG adapter.
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Ububtu 10.04 not installing

Hello All, I am new to Ubuntu and so far I have been able to install it on my laptop and a media center server. The media center had a 80 GB drive in it and it worked like a charm. It has 10. 04 server, but I wanted to have a bigger drive and a gui interface.
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Wine 1.3.4 not 1.2.1 released news error.

Wine release 1. 2. 1Posted by: Philipp Esselbach on: 10/09/2010 10:09 AM Hello I have 1. 3. 3 installed and testing for a week already ???? Installed it to test MS-DX10/11 for gaming as part of Galuim3D.
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