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fedora core 4 with Sagem F@st 3202

Hello, complete newbie here. I live in France and have been with Wanadoo for a good year now. Recently I have installed FC4 on my other computer (Kernel: 2. 6. 11-1. 1369_FC4smp) and I can't get it to work on the internet.
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Netgear WG311T wireless encryption

I just installed a Netgear WG311T wireless card and am trying to secure my network. The card works fine without encryption after I installed the madwidi driver. I can secure the network and my windows laptop work, but I can not get the encrytion to work with my fc4 box.
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oh my god? whats that!

Hi all, on my RedHat 8 box in South Automotive Dept, i am running squid proxy server and so far it isnt proxying anymore. when restarting the service, i get this error message squid: ERROR: Could not send signal 0 to process 6172: (3) No such process please help, tried stopping service and starting again ( then tha ...
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I have a new Foxconn 755A01-6EKRS motherboard which claims to have a 10/100/1000 Fast Gigabit Ethernet port from Realtek in it. However Linux (Fedora Core 4 and Gentoo Live CD 2004. 3) only sees it as a 10/100.
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problem with modem on an hp zt1175

i have a laptop with an internal modem and ethernet connection but ubuntu cant seem to see them. Any help would be wonderful. oh and on a side note i got the wireless to work.
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Samba server with Win XP clients: Problems.

Hello!! I am trying to set up a Samba server with Win XP Pro clients. In brief, this is the current set up: Comp1: Firewall (DHCP) Linux Comp2: Proxy (Squid) Linux Comp3: W2K server (AD) My final objective is to replace Comp3 with a Linux server (Fedora Core 3) running Samba, which in turn will handle the roaming p ...
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ADSL redhat 9.1

Currently needing to connect to adsl. . . . very much a beginner with linux. . . pc was our email server connected through diginet lines. . . adsl is capped. . . any info would be much appreicated.
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SuSE 9.0 Server

Hey I am new to all linux versions so i dont know very much. I have been learning about linux though and i ahve been using SuSE 9. 0 Server, and it seems pretty straight forward but i know most of it is in-depth and more complicated than it looks.
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redundant DHCP servers

HI. I searched the forum but didnt find any answer to my question, so here it goes: I need to get a DHCP-Server redundant. Everybody tells me to put each server in a subnet, but it isnt an option, as I need to keep as many IPs as possible, and with the splitting, I lose 50% of the IPs.
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Wireless Configuration Problems

Help!!! Need help configuring a wireless card on suse 9. 1 personal with a Netgear MA521 wireless card. I have tried to get wireless to work for several weeks now with no luck. Here's what I've tried so far: Initially I thought the card would be autodected, and it was recognized but there was no link light on the c ...
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Wireless Card Problem

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could please help me out I am desperately seeking help to try to configure my Linux box to communicate with NetGear MR814v2 wireless router via my Proxim RangeLAN-DS wireless card, and I was hoping that if I put a message in the forum, that someone would be able to provide me ...
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USB-"tunnelling" and NoMachine

Hi Here is the situation: I am sitting on Xserver thinclient. everything is sent back and forth through ssh. I want to be able to connect my PDA through USB to my thinclient and then sync it with the application-server.
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WG311T Netgear Card

i'm am trying to connect to my router (blah blah blah) or the neibors (cough) but i can not connect to either. . . i'm runnin suse novell 9. 3 linux. . . . so its probally really stupid. . . Thanks for helping even the noobs u can call me brian.
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WEP Open Key Encryption in Fedora Core 4

Hello All, I'm having trouble setting up WEP encryption on my US Robotics Wireless Network Card USR805416 in Fedora Core 4, and wondered whether I was missing any particular libraries that enabled this, or whether this functionality is not yet supported.
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