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Networking under Linux

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Mandriva Linux LE2005 Network problem

Hi! How can i make my network connection working in Mandriva Linux LE2005? I have tried to set connection to ADSL and protocol to pppoe, because my ISP use pppoe. Some backround information about my connection and other stuff: 1.
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New system set up, Mandrake 10.2 LE2005

I'm new to Linux and having trouble getting my laptop going. I'm completely frustrated, confused and ready to cry. Is anyone willing to hold my hand and walk me through this, please?.
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WEP 40 vs WEP64 vs WEP104 & WEP128

Can anyone tell me what's the difference between them. The driver that I compiled said it support WEP 40 or WEP 104 but when I check the router, it said it support TKIP-WEP128-WEP64 encryption. I can connect the wireless client with the router when no encryption was set.
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Mandrake 10.0 and no internet connectivity.

Hi all, I just installed Mandrake 10. 0 on my laptop today and I have it dual booting with XP. I am a complete Linux noob and I would like a little bit of help. I really want to learn Linux on my own at my own pace, so I won't need too much help from the masses, but there are two problems that I currently need help ...
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squirrelmail problem

hey everyone im tryin to get squirrelmail to work i have everything installed but when i log in i get this error message Bad request: The IMAP server is reporting that plain text logins are disabled.
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Can't connect to Linux Share on XP PC

Hi, I am trying to add a Linux (SUSE 9. 2) PC (Host name Green) to a TCP/IP network using SAMBA. I have configured Samba to join the workgroup Spectrum which is the workgroup containing my XP PC (Host name Blue).
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Using the router as print-server?

I have a router Netgear FWG114p where I have connected a HP laserjet 1010 printer on the usb-port. When connecting the printer directly to the computer it works fine with hpijs and foomatic, and when connecting it to the router it works all-right when using win-XP.
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Suse 9.2 pro and cable internet thru usb?

hi, i'm new to linux. been a windows user for years (people probly frowning right now lol). but i have decided to give linux a try. i got it all installed and everything,but my motorola surfboard cable modem is hooked up thru usb.
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dlink wireless nic

Jerry Atrik
im wrestling with a small problem configuring my dlink wireless card in mandrake 10. 2 these are the steps i took: install card, put driver cd in in root typed ndiswrapper -i /path-to/neta3ab. inf (my windows driver) ndiswrapper -l drivers installed neta3ab hardware present modprobe ndiswrapper fatal:ndiswrapper mo ...
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Knoppix 3.7 Pro

Hi, I've given up now with Suse 9. 1, now I've got the Knoppix 3. 7 Pro live CD, I unpacked everything on the HDD but I cant find anything about Wireless LAN on Knoppix, is it possible? if so, please explain nice and slow, as I am pretty slow when it comes to Linux.
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Network and internet through router problem? (LINUX)

Hey. I just installed mandrake linux 10. 1 and it says that my network connection is active yet I am not sure how to set up the internet to work properly, my firewall is off yet it will not ping outside of the local network and I cannot see the other computers on the windows network.
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Traffic Shaping

hi geeks 🙂 i just wanted to know, if there is a simple way to use TRAFFIC SHAPING in Suse 9. 2 i searched google for hours but didn´t find any simple way for me any ideas or tipps for me?.
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