could use some help with slackware 10.1 and atheros wifi card

Good business move. . . (Bad political/p. r. move as well as help to preventing virus/worm/spyware/malware infection move on the part of Microsoft & King Billy + his crew there. ) :( * That'd be my opinion on the subject.

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well ive installed slackware like a million times activated the pcmcia option so etho is up but the problem is when im trying to install the madwifi driver i get of cvs. well actually it installs fine from what i can tell because if i use iwconfig ath0 is now visible however i cant connect to any wireless ap. another problem is that when i type ifconfig ath0 up it freezes my computer...this also happens if i try to open dhcp client. ive read some stuff about it being caused by slackware's hotplug feature however i dont have any idea how to fix it. any help would be grateful.

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What exact wireless card do you have? Do you know the exact chipset for the card? AR5210, 5211, 5212 or 5213?
I tried madwifi and had no success with it.
...and the kernel source is installed on your installation of Slackware?
Do you have WEP or WPA set on the router?


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Do you get any error messages while installing the madwifi drivers?