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The GNOME Development Release 2.5.1: "Hey, at least I'm housebroken", is ready for your bug-busting and testing pleasure. It is available for immediate download on ftp.gnome.org and mirrors.

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Updates 1499 Published by Philipp Esselbach 0

The first release candidate of the upcoming XFree 4.4.0 is now available

Updates 1499 Published by Philipp Esselbach 0

KDE 3.1.3 has been released for ASP Linux, Conectiva Linux, Debian, FreeBSD, Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE Linux, and Vectorlinux.

Updates 1499 Published by Philipp Esselbach 0

The Apache Group has released Apache 1.3.28

New in this release:

*) SECURITY: CAN-2003-0460 (cve.mitre.org)
Fix the rotatelogs support program on Win32 and OS/2 to ignore special control characters received over the pipe. Previously such characters could cause it to quit logging and exit. [André Malo]

*) Prevent the server from crashing when entering infinite loops. The new LimitInternalRecursion directive configures limits of subsequent internal redirects and nested subrequests, after which the request will be aborted. PR 19753 (and probably others). [William Rowe, Jeff Trawick, Jim Jagielski, André Malo]

*) Fix NULL-pointer issue in ab when parsing an incomplete or non-HTTP response. PR 21085. [Glenn Nielsen , André Malo]

*) Removed BIND_NOSTART from HP/UX shl_load() logic for loadable Apache modules, so that statics are initialized when the module is loaded (especially critical for c++ modules on HPUX.) [William Rowe, Noah Arliss ]

*) Win32 build system changes; always recompile buildmark.c (used for Apache -v 'server built' messages) even when Apache is built from within the IDE; build test_char.h and uri_delims.h from within the ApacheCore.dsp project. PR 12706. [William Rowe]

*) Introduce Win32 .pdb diagnostic symbols into the Apache 1.3 build (as created in Apache 2.0.45 and later.) Makes debugging and analysis of crash dumps and Dr. Watson logs trivial. Requires the Win32 binary builder to set aside the exact .pdb files that match the released binaries (.exe/.so files) for reference by users and developers. [William Rowe]

*) Make sure the accept mutex is released before calling child exit hooks and cleanups. Otherwise, modules can segfault in such code and, with pthread mutexes, leave the server deadlocked. Even if the module doesn't segfault, if it performs extensive processing it can temporarily prevent the server from accepting new connections. [Jeff Trawick]

*) Fix mod_rewrite's handling of absolute URIs. The escaping routines now work scheme dependent and the query string will only be appended if supported by the particular scheme. [André Malo]

*) Use appropriate language codes for Czech (cs) and Traditional Chinese (zh-tw) in default config files. PR 9427. [André Malo]

*) Don't block synchronous signals (e.g., SIGSEGV) while waiting for and holding a pthread accept mutex. [Jeff Trawick]