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CheetaWeb has released a phpMyAdmin 2.5.3 RC1 RPM for Ensim WEBppliance 3.1 and 3.5

It features the following improvements:

* MySQL 4.1: new page about Character sets and collations
* better support for MySQL charsets
* LIKE in Select sub-page for non-text fields
* optional icons for actions
* better PHP code generation
* possibility to let phpMyAdmin continue execution of a multi-query statement even though single queries may fail
* possibility to display the result of each query of a multi-query statement
* display MySQL error code and link to relevant documentation


* Removed lowercase transformation of SQL
* "Missing..." messages were wrongly displayed
* armascii8 appears twice in the charset list
* InnoDB and multi-columns foreign key
* Confirmation for TRUNCATE statements
* InnoDB and cross-db foreign keys
* Obey fmtType when set to 'none'
* SELECT DISTINCT was broken (MySQL 3)

The following downloadable RPM update for is compatible with Ensim 3.1 and Ensim Pro 3.5. Installation is via rpm -Uvh rpmname.
Download (md5: 6d5671c2dc7baa1db0b3fe5415a134ea)