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KDE 3.1.3 for Mandrake Linux is now available for MandrakeClub members

On July 29, 2003, the KDE Project announced the availability of KDE 3.1.3, a new version of this popular graphical desktop environment. KDE 3.1.3 ships with a basic desktop and seventeen other packages (PIM, administration, network, edutainment, utilities, multimedia, games, artwork, web development and more).

MandrakeSoft developers have been working overtime to package this new release for MandrakeClub members -- so come and get it!

Adding a new MandrakeClub download mirror to the Software Manager requires nothing more than a simple 'cut and paste' from the MandrakeClub "mirrors" script. Then KDE and any new packages can be installed with a single click in the Software Manager, or with a simple command in a terminal. So get busy and start downloading today!
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