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Webppliance.info has published PHP 4.3.2 RPMs for Ensim Webppliance 3.1 / Webppliance Pro 3.5 based servers

PHP 4.3.2 contains, among others, following important fixes, additions and improvements:

-Fixes several potentially hazardous integer and buffer overflows.
-Fixes for several 64-bit problems.
-New session_regenerate_id() function. (Important feature against malicious session planting).
-Improvements to dba extension.
-An unix man page for CLI version of PHP.
-New "disable_classes" php.ini option to allow administrators to disable certain classes for security reasons.
-And much more

These RPM's are tested against Ensim 3.1/ Pro 3.5. Under Ensim Pro changes to PHP will only allow to Low and 3.1 compatible sites.

You will need sablotron and JS rpm's from the official sablotron website (0.98) for XSLT support.

Installation is via rpm -Uvh otherwise.
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