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A python3.5 security update has been released for Debian GNU/Linux 9 Extended LTS to address multiple vulnerabilities.

ELA-997-1 python3.5 security update

Package : python3.5
Version : 3.5.3-1+deb9u8 (stretch)

Related CVEs :

Multiple vulnerabilities were found in python3.5, an interactive high-level
object-oriented language.

A regression was fixed in CVE-2021-3177: ISO C90 forbids mixed
declarations and code, that could lead to compilation errors in
some contexts.

A use-after-free existed in Python via heappushpop function
in heapq.

A DoS attack via CPU and RAM exhaustion
when processing malformed Apple Property List files
in binary format was fixed. This needed a backport of GH-4455.

An XML External Entity (XXE) issue
was discovered in Python. The plistlib module no longer
accepts entity declarations in XML plist files to
avoid XML vulnerabilities.

An issue was discovered in compare_digest
in Lib/ in Python. Constant-time-defeating
optimisations were possible in the accumulator variable
in hmac.compare_digest, that would facilitate a side
channel type attack.

A race condition was fixed in TLS handling.
If a TLS server-side socket is created, receives data
into the socket buffer, and then is closed quickly,
there is a brief window where the SSLSocket instance
will detect the socket as "not connected" and
won't initiate a handshake, but buffered data will
still be readable from the socket buffer.
This data will not be authenticated if the server-side
TLS peer is expecting client certificate authentication,
and is indistinguishable from valid TLS stream data.
Data is limited in size to the amount that will fit in the buffer.
The TLS connection cannot directly be used for data
exfiltration because the vulnerable code path requires
that the connection be closed on initialization of the SSLSocket.

ELA-997-1 python3.5 security update