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Wine 9.9 has been released, and it includes Wow64 mode in ODBC, enhanced CPU detection on ARM devices, the removal of old functionality in WineD3D, and a number of bug fixes.

Wine release 9.9

The Wine development release 9.9 is now available.

What's new in this release:
- Support for new Wow64 mode in ODBC.
- Improved CPU detection on ARM platforms.
- Removal of a number of obsolete features in WineD3D.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available at (

Binary packages for various distributions will be available
from (

You will find documentation on (

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.
See the file [AUTHORS][1] for the complete list.



### Bugs fixed in 9.9 (total 38):

- #25009 Password Memory 2010 - Titlebar color rendering error
- #26407 Shadowgrounds Survivor crashes after viewing the map
- #26545 Crysis2: Red color on highlights of Bumpmap/Specular Highlights
- #27745 Racer is unplayable
- #28192 regedit: The usage message arrives too late in the wine console
- #29417 Mouse pointer laggy/slow in Dweebs and Dweebs 2 when virtual desktop mode is enabled
- #31665 Femap unexpected crash on rebuild database (or any command that involves it i.e. import)
- #32346 Window is too large with Batman and Head Over Heels remakes
- #39532 Assassin's Creed Unity doesn't run
- #40248 Some .NET applications throw unhandled exception: System.NotImplementedException: 'System.Management.ManagementObjectSearcher.Get' when using Wine-Mono
- #44009 Syberia Gog version: crash after cinematics
- #44625 Cybernoid 2 exits but x window drawing updates are frozen
- #44863 Performance regression in Prince of Persia 3D
- #45358 Assassin's Creed Syndicate (AC Unity; AC Odyssey) broken graphics
- #49674 Feature Request: Restoring previous resolution upon an app crashing
- #51200 High repaint label volume causes freezing
- #53197 Total War: Shogun 2 crashes on unimplemented function d3dx11_42.dll.D3DX11LoadTextureFromTexture
- #55513 Paint.NET 3.5.11 runs unstable on Wine 8.x (and later) because of a bug in Mono
- #55939 Moorhuhn Director's Cut crashes after going in-game
- #56000 Window title is not set with winewayland
- #56422 Exact Audio Copy installer crashes
- #56429 Applications crash with BadWindow X error
- #56483 ShellExecute changes in Wine 9.5 broke 64-bit Winelib loading in WoW64 builds
- #56485 Visual novel RE:D Cherish! displays white screen instead of logo video
- #56492 Opentrack/TrackIR head tracking broken
- #56498 Incorrect substring expansion for magic variables
- #56506 strmbase TRACEs occasionally fail to print floats
- #56527 Final Fantasy XI Online: Opening movie triggers a 'GStreamer-Video-CRITICAL'.
- #56579 Setupapi fails to read correct class GUID and name from INF file containing %strkey% tokens
- #56588 FlatOut 1 display resolution options limited to current desktop resolution using old wow64
- #56595 Fallout 3 is slow
- #56607 steam: no tray icon starting with wine 9.2
- #56615 Spelunky won't start (GLSL version 1.20 is too low; 1.20 is required)
- #56653 GetLogicalProcessorInformation can be missing Cache information
- #56655 X11 Driver fails to load
- #56661 Project Diablo 2 crashes
- #56671 Disney Ratatouille demo renders upside down on Intel graphics
- #56682 msvcrt:locale prevents the msvcrt:* tests from running on Windows 7

### Changes since 9.8:
Akihiro Sagawa (2):
quartz/tests: Test read position after MPEG splitter connection.
winegstreamer: Seek to the end after MPEG splitter connection.

Alex Henrie (1):
dinput: Don't include every version of DirectInputCreate in every DLL.

Alexandre Julliard (38):
nls: Update locale data to CLDR version 45.
winedump: Dump registry scripts resources as text.
winedump: Dump typelib resources in structured format.
atl: Remove empty clsid registration.
dhtmled.ocx: Remove empty clsid registration.
widl: Don't generate empty interface registrations.
ntdll: Use null-terminated strings instead of explicit lengths to build SMBIOS data.
ntdll: Cache the generated SMBIOS data.
ntdll: Build the SMBIOS table incrementally.
ntdll: Generate dummy SMBIOS data on non-supported platforms.
ntdll: Store the CPU vendor and id during detection.
ntdll: Add processor information to the SMBIOS data.
configure: Restore warning for missing PE compiler.
ntdll: Report the correct processor details on ARM platforms.
ntdll: Update PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE variable correctly for ARM platforms.
wineboot: Create CPU environment keys together with other hardware keys.
wineboot: Get the CPU model details with NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemCpuInformation).
wineboot: Report the correct model number on ARM platforms.
wineboot: Support multiple SMBIOS entries of the same type.
wineboot: Retrieve CPU details through the SMBIOS table.
winemac.drv: Remove some no longer used code.
wbemprox: Get the processor caption from the registry.
wbemprox: Support multiple SMBIOS entries of the same type.
wbemprox: Get the processor manufacturer from the SMBIOS table.
wbemprox: Get the processor name from the SMBIOS table.
wbemprox: Get the processor count from the SMBIOS table.
wbemprox: Get the processor id from the SMBIOS table.
wbemprox: Get a few more processor details from the SMBIOS table.
wbemprox: Get the processor type and model with SystemCpuInformation.
wbemprox: Use RtlGetNativeSystemInformation directly to get the correct info on ARM platforms.
msvcrt/tests: Don't link to _setmaxstdio.
msvcrt: Update some mangled names on ARM.
ntdll: Add default values for cache parameters.
msvcrt: Resync cxx.h with msvcp90.
msvcrt: Unify __CppXcptFilter implementations.
msvcrt: Unify __CxxQueryExceptionSize implementations.
msvcrt: Unify __CxxDetectRethrow implementations.
msvcrt: Unify checks for valid C++ exception.

Alexandros Frantzis (3):
win32u: Enable dibdrv wglDescribePixelFormat through p_get_pixel_formats.
user32/tests: Skip affected keyboard tests if a spurious layout change is detected.
user32/tests: Remove workaround for SendInput keyboard tests on zh_CN.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (1):
include: Add some D3D12_FEATURE_DATA_D3D12_OPTIONS* types.

Anton Baskanov (2):
winegstreamer: Recognize MFAudioFormat_MPEG and MFAudioFormat_MP3.
winegstreamer: Add missing format fields to WMA support check.

Billy Laws (2):
ntdll: Allocate wow64 environment block within the 32-bit address space.
ntdll: Don't restore PC from LR after unwinding through frame switches.

Biswapriyo Nath (1):
include: Avoid a C++ keyword.

Brendan McGrath (3):
winex11.drv: Increment mode_idx in {xrandr10,xf86vm}_get_modes.
winegstreamer: Pass filename to wg_parser when available.
mplat/tests: Test Media Source is freed if immediately released.

Brendan Shanks (1):
winemac.drv: Fix warning in macdrv_get_pixel_formats.

Connor McAdams (4):
d3dx9/tests: Add a test for negative values in the source rectangle passed to D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory.
d3dx9/tests: Add a new compressed surface loading test.
d3dx9: Only do direct copies of full blocks for compressed formats.
d3dx9: Fix destination rectangles passed from D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory() to d3dx_load_image_from_memory().

Daniel Lehman (2):
msvcrt/tests: Add result for Turkish_Türkiye.1254.
msvcrt/tests: Add tests for _wcsicmp_l.

Dmitry Timoshkov (2):
kernelbase: Add support for FileDispositionInfoEx to SetFileInformationByHandle().
user32/tests: Offset child CS_PARENTDC window from parent to make more bugs visible.

Elizabeth Figura (38):
wined3d: Retrieve the VkCommandBuffer from wined3d_context_vk after executing RTV barriers.
wined3d: Submit command buffers after 512 draw or dispatch commands.
ddraw: Use system memory for version 4 vertex buffers.
ddraw: Upload only the used range of indices in d3d_device7_DrawIndexedPrimitive().
ddraw/tests: Test GetVertexBufferDesc().
wined3d: Fix GLSL version comparison.
maintainers: Change the full form of my name.
wined3d: Remove the offscreen_rendering_mode setting.
wined3d: Use wined3d_resource_is_offscreen() directly in ffp_blitter_clear_rendertargets().
wined3d: Remove no longer used support for drawing to an onscreen render target.
wined3d: Remove the no longer used render_offscreen field from struct ds_compile_args.
wined3d: Remove the no longer used Y correction variable.
d3d9/tests: Clarify and expand point size tests.
d3d9/tests: Expand test_color_vertex().
d3d9/tests: Add some tests for default diffuse values.
d3d9/tests: Test default attribute components.
wined3d: Remove the GL FFP vertex pipeline.
wined3d: Remove the GL FFP fragment pipeline.
wined3d: Remove the NV_register_combiners fragment pipeline.
wined3d: Remove the ATI_fragment_shader fragment pipeline.
wined3d: Remove the ARB_fragment_program blitter.
wined3d: Remove the ARB fragment pipeline.
wined3d: Remove the ARB shader backend.
amstream: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
evr: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
qasf: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
qcap: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
qdvd: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
qedit: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
quartz: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
winegstreamer: Link to msvcrt instead of ucrtbase.
wined3d: Remove no longer used support for emulated non-power-of-two textures.
wined3d: Remove no longer used support for rectangle textures.
wined3d: Remove texture non-power-of-two fixup.
wined3d: Remove the last vestiges of ARB_texture_rectangle support.
wined3d: Collapse together NPOT d3d_info flags.
wined3d: Remove the redundant "pow2_width" and "pow2_height" fields.
wined3d: Fix inversion in shader_get_position_fixup().

Eric Pouech (19):
cmd/tests: Test using %%0-%%9 as loop variables.
cmd/tests: Test nested loop variables expansion.
cmd/tests: Test delayed expansion with spaces in IF and FOR.
cmd/tests: Test calling batch files named as builtin commands.
cmd/tests: Test success/failure of commands.
cmd: Consistenly use the same variable to identify current command.
cmd: No longer keep track of last element in command list.
cmd: Introduce xrealloc helper.
cmd: Use CRT's popen instead of rewriting it.
cmd: Remove malloc attribute from xrealloc.
cmd: Introduce CMD_NODE structure.
cmd: Add helpers to handle list in degenerated binary tree.
cmd: Move operator from CMD_COMMAND to CMD_NODE.
msvcrt: Demangle std::nullptr_t datatype.
winedump: Demangle std::nullptr_t datatype.
msvcrt: Don't consider end of list encoding as real data types.
winedump: Don't consider end of list encoding as real data types.
msvcrt: Correctly unmangle qualified pointer to function/method.
winedump: Correctly unmangle qualified pointer to function/method.

Esme Povirk (20):
gdiplus: Add a function to bracket HDC use.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in gdi_alpha_blend.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in alpha_blend_pixels_hrgn.
gdiplus: Bracket hdc use in brush_fill_path.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in draw_cap.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in draw_poly.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in trace_path.
gdiplus: Do not use hdc directly in get_graphics_bounds.
gdiplus: Accept an HDC in get_gdi_transform.
gdiplus: Fix background key.
gdiplus: Bitmap stride is ignored when Scan0 is non-NULL.
gdiplus: Support anchors on thin paths.
gdiplus: Remove unnecessary math in add_anchor.
gdiplus: Fix signs on custom line cap rotation in add_anchor.
gdiplus: Reorder filled arrow cap points to match native.
gdiplus: Add a test for GdipWidenPath with Custom linecaps.
gdiplus: Do not create gdi32 objects for Bitmap objects.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in GdipDrawImagePointsRect.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in GDI32_GdipFillPath.
gdiplus: Bracket HDC use in GDI32_GdipFillRegion.

Fabian Maurer (2):
win32u: Factor out scroll timer handling.
win32u: Only set scroll timer if it's not running.

Fotios Valasiadis (1):
ntdll/unix: Fix building on musl by explicitly including asm/ioctls.h.

Georg Lehmann (1):
winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.3.285.

Hans Leidekker (8):
odbc32: Forward SQLDataSourcesA() to SQLDataSources() and GetDiagRecA() to GetDiagRec().
odbc32: Make Unix call parameters Wow64 compatible.
odbc32: Load_odbc() returns NTSTATUS.
odbc32: Move replication of ODBC settings to the Unix lib.
odbc32: Add Wow64 thunks.
include: Add missing Unicode SQL function declarations.
odbc32: Don't load dynamically.
odbc32/tests: Add tests.

Hongxin Zhao (1):
po: Add a missing \t in the Simplified Chinese translation.

Huw D. M. Davies (3):
nsi/tests: Use NSI_IP_COMPARTMENT_TABLE instead of hard coding the integer.
mmdevapi: Remove unused ACImpl typedef.
maintainers: Remove Andrew Eikum.

Jacek Caban (25):
winecrt0: Support __os_arm64x_dispatch_call symbol on ARM64EC.
d3dx9/tests: Remove xfile dumping functionality.
mshtml: Introduce DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlnode.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlbody.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL in htmlanchor.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL in htmlarea.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL in htmlattribute.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL in htmlcomment.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL in htmlcurstyle.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL for DocumentType object implementation.
winebuild: Use .drectve section for exports on ARM64EC.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL for HTMLElement object implementation.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlelem.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlelemcol.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL for HTMLEventObj object implementation.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlevent.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlform.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlframe.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlgeneric.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlhead.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlimg.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmlinput.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmllink.c.
mshtml: Use DISPEX_IDISPATCH_IMPL macro in htmllocation.c.

Nikolay Sivov (7):
d2d1/tests: Add a test for effect output image interface query.
d2d1/effect: Fix GetImageLocalBounds() prototype.
d2d1/tests: Add some vertex buffer tests.
d2d1/effect: Use more generic naming for loaded shaders array.
d2d1/effect: Add a stub vertex buffer object.
d2d1/effect: Implement SetPassthroughGraph().
d2d1/effect: Implement ConnectNode().

Paul Gofman (7):
xaudio2: Use FAudioVoice_DestroyVoiceSafeEXT() in destroy_voice().
bcrypt: Support RSA/PKCS1 signatures with unspecified hash algorithm.
win32u: Update last message time in NtUserGetRawInputBuffer().
ntdll: Allocate crit section debug info by default for Windows versions before 8.
opengl32: Prefer formats with depth if unspecified in wglChoosePixelFormat().
xaudio2/tests: Fix test failures with xaudio2_8 in test_submix().
nsiproxy.sys: Return success and zero count from ipv6_forward_enumerate_all() if IPV6 is unsupported.

Piotr Caban (4):
ucrtbase: Handle empty list in variadic template.
winedump: Handle empty list in variadic template.
msvcrt/tests: Don't link to _wcsicmp_l and _create_locale.
ntdll: Don't use gmtime concurrently.

Rémi Bernon (37):
winex11: Only request display modes driver data when needed.
win32u: Read / write source modes as a single registry blob.
win32u: Remove now unnecessary reset_display_manager_ctx.
win32u: Use struct pci_id in struct gdi_gpu.
win32u: Remove driver-specific id from struct gdi_gpu.
win32u: Pass gdi_gpu structure members as add_gpu parameters.
win32u: Return STATUS_ALREADY_COMPLETE from UpdateDisplayDevices.
mfreadwrite/tests: Add some source reader D3D11 awareness tests.
mf/tests: Test video processor D3D11 awareness.
winegstreamer/video_processor: Implement D3D awareness.
mfreadwrite/reader: Pass the device manager to the stream transforms.
winegstreamer: Introduce a new wg_transform_create_mf helper.
winegstreamer: Introduce a new check_audio_transform_support helper.
winegstreamer: Introduce a new check_video_transform_support helper.
mfplat: Fix MFCreateMFVideoFormatFromMFMediaType videoInfo.VideoFlags masks.
mfplat: Use IMFMediaType_GetBlobSize instead of IMFMediaType_GetBlob.
mfplat: Introduce a new init_video_info_header helper.
mfplat: Use media_type_get_uint32 in more places.
mfplat: Factor AM_MEDIA_TYPE video format allocation.
mfplat: Set AM_MEDIA_TYPE bTemporalCompression and bFixedSizeSamples.
mfplat: Implement FORMAT_MPEGVideo for MFInitAMMediaTypeFromMFMediaType.
mfplat: Implement FORMAT_MPEG2Video for MFInitAMMediaTypeFromMFMediaType.
mfplat: Implement MFInitMediaTypeFromMPEG1VideoInfo.
mfplat: Implement MFInitMediaTypeFromMPEG2VideoInfo.
mfplat: Implement MFCreateVideoMediaType.
winebus: Don't advertise hidraw devices as XInput compatible.
winebus: Report whether devices are connected over bluetooth.
winebus: Move Sony controllers report fixups to PE side.
mfreadwrite/reader: Shutdown the queue when public ref is released.
mfplat: Add MFVideoFormat_ABGR32 format information.
mf/tests: Add video processor tests with MFVideoFormat_ABGR32 format.
mfreadwrite/tests: Add tests with MFVideoFormat_ABGR32 output format.
winegstreamer: Support MFVideoFormat_ABGR32 output in the video processor.
mfreadwrite/reader: Fixup MFVideoFormat_ABGR32 subtype to enumerate the video processor.
win32u: Set DEVMODEW dmSize field.
wineandroid: Set DEVMODEW dmSize field.
winemac: Set DEVMODEW dmSize field.

Tim Clem (7):
mountmgr.sys: Do not create drive letters or volumes for unbrowsable macOS volumes.
mountmgr.sys: Do not add drive letters or volumes for macOS volumes without mount paths.
winemac.drv: Document mode_is_preferred.
winemac.drv: Prefer display modes that are marked as usable for desktop.
winemac.drv: Do not consider the "valid" and "safe" flags as making a display mode unique.
Revert "winemac.drv: Hide app's dock icon when it wouldn't have a taskbar item on Windows.".
winemac.drv: Exclude dictation when looking for input methods.

Yuxuan Shui (3):
rtworkq: Avoid use-after-free.
mfplat/tests: Validate MFCancelWorkItem releases the callback.
rtworkq: Release cancelled work items.

Ziqing Hui (1):
winegstreamer/video_decoder: Make output_plane_align specific to h264.