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AMD has updated the ROCm Radeon Open Compute Linux stack, a global platform for GPU-accelerated computing on Radeon graphics cards.

ROCm 5.6.0 Release

ROCm 5.6 consists of several AI software ecosystem improvements to our fast-growing user base. A few examples include:

  • New documentation portal at and our accompanying  blog
  • Ongoing software enhancements for LLMs, ensuring full compliance with the HuggingFace unit test suite
  • OpenAI Triton, CuPy, HIP Graph support, and many other library performance enhancements
  • Improved ROCm deployment and development tools, including CPU-GPU (rocGDB) debugger, profiler, and docker containers
  • New pseudorandom generators are available in rocRAND. Added support for half-precision transforms in hipFFT/rocFFT. Added LU refactorization and linear system solver for sparse matrices in rocSOLVER.

Please see the complete  release notes.

Release ROCm 5.6.0 Release · RadeonOpenCompute/ROCm