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GloriousEggroll has released a new Nobara Linux ISO for the Steam Deck Edition.

Nobara 38 SteamDeck 2023-11-01

New ISO for Steam Deck Edition released:
– Fixed wake from suspend being broken on Steam Deck after kernel 6.4+
– Updated HDR patches
– Added all necessary ROG Ally kernel patches, should work well ootb now
– Added Screen orientation fixups for Lenovo Legion Go
– Added udev rule to treat Lenovo Legion Go controls as xbox controller (works for now until we have real patches)

Lenovo Legion Go known issues:
– Power button short press does not put it in suspend, and 3 second hold does not bring up power menu, however manually navigating the power menu and putting it in suspend does suspend properly, and pressing the power button does wake from suspend as expected.
– “Guide” button or Legion button, whatever you want to call it, does not register — and since there’s currently no way to remap Steam’s ‘guide’ button — we have no way to bring up the in-game overlays (ie quick settings or to access steam while in-game)
– Color slider in gamescope session does not appear to do anything
– Currently no TDP controls have been added

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