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The third release candidate for Mesa 23.3.0 has been released for testing.

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce the next release candidate, 23.3.0-rc3.

As always, if you find any issues please report them here: 

Any issue that should block the release of 23.3.0 final, thus adding more 23.3.0-rc* release candidates, must be added to this milestone: 

The next release candidate is expected in one week, on November 15th.



Alyssa Rosenzweig (1):
agx: Fix fragment side effects scheduling

Connor Abbott (2):
freedreno/ci: Remove minetest trace
v3d/ci: Remove minetest trace

Corentin Noël (1):
frontends/va: Remove wrong use of ProfileToPipe

Daniel Stone (1):
ci: Try really hard to print final result string

David Rosca (2):
frontends/va: Map decoder and postproc surfaces for reading
radeonsi: Fix offset for linear surfaces on GFX < 9

Eric Engestrom (7):
.pick_status.json: Update to 1f1ec1c6bcc2a32a3c1df8c2cc7a2f4e7139b7ec
.pick_status.json: Mark 8dda860f83ac30d042dc6beb4438cc925d1fd130 as denominated
.pick_status.json: Update to 7d6f9ccfbeab050c26775d5e03578a01526cbfcb
.pick_status.json: Update to aa33ca0a52591961f8ae01dc253354462ed17c18
.pick_status.json: Update to a77ea9555aa00cc12f3d1c440252e940ff552500
.pick_status.json: Mark 227300345ed38377190b0eaf08694d5c42ee7e60 as denominated
VERSION: bump for 23.3.0-rc3

Erik Faye-Lund (1):
panfrost: use perf_debug instead of open-coding

Faith Ekstrand (2):
nir: add deref follower builder for casts.
nir: Handle wildcards with casts in copy_prop_vars

Felix DeGrood (1):
anv: remove CS_FLUSH from query regression

Gert Wollny (3):
r600: Add callbacks for get_driver_uuid and get_device_uuid
r600: Link with libgalliumvl, when enabling rusticl this is needed
r600/sfn: Fixup component count only if intrinsic has it

José Expósito (1):
zink: Fix crash on zink_create_screen error path

José Roberto de Souza (1):
anv: Add missing ANV_BO_ALLOC_EXTERNAL flags when calling anv_device_import_bo()

Karol Herbst (3):
rusticl/queue: do not send empty lists of event to worker queue
rusticl/queue: fix implicit flushing of queue dependencies

LingMan (2):
rusticl: Show an error message if the build is attempted with an outdated bindgen version
rusticl: Show an error message if the version of bindgen can't be detected

Mary Guillemard (1):
venus: skip bind sparse info when checking for feedback query

Mauro Rossi (2): filter out cflags to build with Android 14 bundled clang disable android-libbacktrace to build with Android 14

Rhys Perry (3):
radv: call lower_array_deref_of_vec before lower_io_arrays_to_elements
radv: skip radv_remove_varyings for mesh shaders
radv: disable gs_fast_launch=2 by default

Rob Clark (3):
tu/msm: Fix timeline semaphore support
tu/virtio: Fix timeline semaphore support
freedreno/drm: Fix race in zombie import

Samuel Pitoiset (1):
nir: fix inserting the break instruction for partial loop unrolling

Sviatoslav Peleshko (1):
nir/loop_analyze: Fix inverted condition handling in iterations calculation

Vlad Schiller (1):
pvr: Fix VK_EXT_texel_buffer_alignment

Yiwei Zhang (2):
venus: fix query feedback batch leak and race upon submission
zink: apply can_do_invalid_linear_modifier to Venus

Yonggang Luo (1):
nvk: Should use alignment instead of align

antonino (1):
nir: don't take the derivative of the array index in `nir_lower_tex`

git tag: mesa-23.3.0-rc3
SHA256: 99c9168fa247151cbc7de421504501d812ed450a309aede43023aa69def6cf44 mesa-23.3.0-rc3.tar.xz
SHA512: be70ce2ba0051685e9585944dcfc8c66d33f68827781d6d003a98b4409bd9e2 8d00eef730e0eded5c1c14a600219411753c14c7e5e34190bbe8b65b5bf28fabd mesa-23.3.0-rc3.tar.xz