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A new maintenance release for Godot 3.5 has been released. The Godot Engine is a free, all-in-one, cross-platform game engine that makes it easy for you to create 2D and 3D games.

Maintenance release: Godot 3.5.3

Long time no see, Godot 3.5! While our development focus since  Godot 4.0 in March has been to release new 4.x versions at a steady pace (with  Godot 4.1 in July, and Godot 4.2 scheduled for November), we’re not forgetting about users who are still using Godot 3.5.

Everyone seemed pretty happy with the  3.5.2 release. In the 6 months since the 3.5.2 release, hundreds of games have been released with this version. But there are still a number of issues that are worth addressing in that branch, including notably some improvements for platform support such as targeting Android 13 by default. Also, we’re still working on the upcoming Godot 3.6 feature release, which should soon reach the release candidate stage.

This is a safe and recommended update for all Godot 3.5.x users. It should have no major impact on your projects, even complex ones in production, if you’re already using 3.5.2-stable.

Download Godot 3.5.3 now or try the  online version of the Godot editor.


Maintenance release: Godot 3.5.3