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Freespire version 2.0 Alpha1U (1.2.42) is now available for download:

Released on 08 March 2007
Version: Freespire 1.2.42
Size: 634.94 MB
MD5 Checksum: 81f3e44f91bd90d30dddc49012415d76

This is the first Alpha build based on ubuntu that might not be good for the health of a production machine. Expect improvements as future builds are released.

Some of the release notes:
Automatic boot menu management does not always work. Do not install if you are not experienced at repairing Grub configurations and MBRs.
No upgrade path available from Freespire 1.0 or previous versions of Freespire 2.0 Alphas (apt-get dist-upgrade might produce anomalies due to package name differences).
NVidia and ATI drivers are not automatically installed.
Jack has been removed -- any applications which do not use ALSA may not work properly.
To report a bug please report in Freespire Bugzilla.

Freespire 2.0 Alpha1U 1.2.42 Now Available