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A postgresql-9.4 security update has been released for Debian GNU/Linux 8 and 9 Extended LTS to address several security vulnerabilities.

ELA-1003-1 postgresql-9.4 security update

Package : postgresql-9.4
Version : 9.4.26-0+deb8u8 (jessie)

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Several security vulnerabilities have been found in PostgreSQL, an advanced
open source database.

While modifying certain SQL array values, missing overflow checks let
authenticated database users write arbitrary bytes to a memory area that
facilitates arbitrary code execution. Missing overflow checks also let
authenticated database users read a wide area of server memory. The
CVE-2021-32027 fix covered some attacks of this description, but it missed

In the EXTENSION SCRIPT, a SQL Injection vulnerability was found in
PostgreSQL if it uses @extowner@, @extschema@, or @extschema:...@ inside a
quoting construct (dollar quoting, '', or ""). If an administrator has
installed files of a vulnerable, trusted, non-bundled extension, an
attacker with database-level CREATE privilege can execute arbitrary code as
the bootstrap superuser.

ELA-1003-1 postgresql-9.4 security update