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The third release candidate for Apache NetBeans 20 IDE has been released for testing.

Apache NetBeans 20-rc3

What's Changed


  • Enable JUnit output processing for failsafe:integration-test by  @neilcsmith-net in  #6654
  • Revert "Priming build and reload improvements." by  @mbien in  #6623


  • [NETBEANS-6599] Do not throw a CompletionFailure for empty java.lang package outside of java.base. by  @lahodaj in  #6629
  • Assignments to parameters to record compact constructors should not be marked as unused. by  @lahodaj in  #6635
  • [NETBEANS-6638]: Avoid adding a space after opening curly brace. by  @lahodaj in  #6641
  • [NETBEANS-5659] Collection.forEach is always a read from the collection. by  @lahodaj in  #6646


  • PHP: Fix autocomplete for exception class when adding exception breakpoint. by  @troizet in  #6643


Full Changelog 20-rc2...20-rc3

Release Apache NetBeans 20-rc3 · apache/netbeans