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A new XanMod Linux Kernel based on Linux Kernel 6.7.10 has been released. XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Linux 6.7.10-xanmod1

XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. Built to provide a stable, responsive and smooth desktop experience.

The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Supports all recent 64-bit versions of Debian and Ubuntu-based systems.

Main Features

  • Preemptive Full Tickless Kernel at 500Hz w/ Tuned CPU Core Scheduler.
  • RCU Boost for better responsiveness and lower overall system latency.
  • Block Layer w/ multi-threaded runqueue for high I/O throughput.
  • Caching, Virtual Memory Manager and CPUFreq Governor improvements.
  • BBR TCP Congestion Control + FQ-PIE Packet Scheduling and AQM Algorithm [5.8].
  • ORC Unwinder for Kernel Stack Traces (debuginfo) implementation.
  • Third-party patchset available: ZSTD kernel, initrd and modules support [5.8][5.6-rt], Full x86_64 FSGSBASE instructions [5.8], Clear Linux [partial], CK's Hrtimer Patchset [5.8][5.4], Wine / Proton Fsync, PCIe ACS Override, BMQ Process Scheduler [5.4 stock disabled], Aufs [5.4] and GCC graysky's.
  • Real-time Linux kernel (PREEMPT_RT) build available [5.6-rt][5.4-rt].
  • Generic kernel package for compatibility with most Debian & Ubuntu based distributions. Built on the latest GCC 10.2 and Binutils 2.35.
  • GPLv2 license. Can be built for any distribution or purpose.

Install via Terminal

echo 'deb releases main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xanmod-kernel.list && wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

Then update and install:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-xanmod


Meta packages available: linux-xanmodlinux-xanmod-edgelinux-xanmod-ltslinux-xanmod-rt-edge and linux-xanmod-rt.

To try without adding the repository

Download from Sourceforge and install:

  1. In terminal:
    sudo dpkg -i linux-image-*xanmod*.deb linux-headers-*xanmod*.deb
  2. Reboot.
  • Check it:
    cat /proc/version
* linux-firmware-image package is optional


  • 13c816f Linux 6.7.10-xanmod1
  • 9c899fd Merge tag 'v6.7.10' into 6.7
  • 9865e75 Linux 6.7.10
  • baa5eee arch/arm/mm: fix major fault accounting when retrying under per-VMA lock
  • 5acf0e7 ARM: 9328/1: mm: try VMA lock-based page fault handling first
  • 26a1a10 selftests: mptcp: decrease BW in simult flows
  • 5257222 readahead: avoid multiple marked readahead pages
  • ffda0e9 net: pds_core: Fix possible double free in error handling path
  • 16d7131 netrom: Fix data-races around sysctl_net_busy_read
  • 0b8eb36 netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_link_fails_count
  • 859175d netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_routing_control
  • 6f254ab netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_transport_no_activity_timeout
  • 0d43a58 netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_transport_requested_window_size
  • 0a30016 netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_transport_busy_delay
  • a22f919 netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_transport_acknowledge_delay
  • 42e7140 netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_transport_maximum_tries
  • 7d1e00f netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_transport_timeout
  • dca1d93 netrom: Fix data-races around sysctl_netrom_network_ttl_initialiser
  • 591192c netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_obsolescence_count_initialiser
  • 392eb88 netrom: Fix a data-race around sysctl_netrom_default_path_quality
  • c9f191a erofs: apply proper VMA alignment for memory mapped files on THP
  • 80ee505 netfilter: nf_conntrack_h323: Add protection for bmp length out of range
  • 8ef601b netfilter: nft_ct: fix l3num expectations with inet pseudo family
  • 9077613 net/rds: fix WARNING in rds_conn_connect_if_down
  • 063faf4 net: dsa: microchip: fix register write order in ksz8_ind_write8()
  • eaa7cb8 cpumap: Zero-initialise xdp_rxq_info struct before running XDP program
  • 0b7de45 selftests/bpf: Fix up xdp bonding test wrt feature flags
  • ebd1896 xdp, bonding: Fix feature flags when there are no slave devs anymore
  • c5a1934 bpf: check bpf_func_state->callback_depth when pruning states
  • 61b34f7 net/ipv6: avoid possible UAF in ip6_route_mpath_notify()
  • 1b3b823 igc: avoid returning frame twice in XDP_REDIRECT
  • db29cef ice: fix uninitialized dplls mutex usage
  • 0e29606 net: ice: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in ice_bridge_setlink()
  • 6d14736 ice: virtchnl: stop pretending to support RSS over AQ or registers
  • 2b3aaa5 idpf: disable local BH when scheduling napi for marker packets
  • 7180980 net: sparx5: Fix use after free inside sparx5_del_mact_entry
  • 048e16d geneve: make sure to pull inner header in geneve_rx()
  • 9aa3b83 tracing/net_sched: Fix tracepoints that save qdisc_dev() as a string
  • 4d9d5a2 net/mlx5e: Switch to using _bh variant of of spinlock API in port timestamping NAPI poll context
  • 936ef08 net/mlx5e: Use a memory barrier to enforce PTP WQ xmit submission tracking occurs after populating the metadata_map
  • ec2f4c9 net/mlx5e: Fix MACsec state loss upon state update in offload path
  • dceece2 net/mlx5e: Change the warning when ignore_flow_level is not supported
  • c381fa3 net/mlx5: Check capability for fw_reset
  • 490b244 net/mlx5: Fix fw reporter diagnose output
  • 0ae5112 net/mlx5: E-switch, Change flow rule destination checking
  • aad5376 Revert "net/mlx5e: Check the number of elements before walk TC rhashtable"
  • 1bcdd66 Revert "net/mlx5: Block entering switchdev mode with ns inconsistency"
  • 3345e7c ice: reconfig host after changing MSI-X on VF
  • 8910b1c ice: replace ice_vf_recreate_vsi() with ice_vf_reconfig_vsi()
  • fdec2b4 ice: reorder disabling IRQ and NAPI in ice_qp_dis
  • 6b109c5 i40e: disable NAPI right after disabling irqs when handling xsk_pool
  • 7656bd2 ixgbe: {dis, en}able irqs in ixgbe_txrx_ring_{dis, en}able
  • a382c4a net: lan78xx: fix runtime PM count underflow on link stop
  • 104ecbf xfrm: Pass UDP encapsulation in TX packet offload
  • 4aa935c xfrm: Clear low order bits of ->flowi4_tos in decode_session4().
  • 56e70ce dmaengine: fsl-edma: correct max_segment_size setting
  • f018075 dmaengine: fsl-edma: utilize common dt-binding header file
  • eefa270 dt-bindings: dma: fsl-edma: Add fsl-edma.h to prevent hardcoding in dts
  • 328607c KVM/x86: Export RFDS_NO and RFDS_CLEAR to guests
  • fe5f4d1 x86/rfds: Mitigate Register File Data Sampling (RFDS)
  • 13acf9f Documentation/hw-vuln: Add documentation for RFDS
  • 18867a2 x86/mmio: Disable KVM mitigation when X86_FEATURE_CLEAR_CPU_BUF is set

Download Linux 6.7.10-xanmod1 source from GitHub