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A new XanMod Linux Kernel based on  Linux Kernel 6.1.76 has been released. XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Linux 6.1.76-xanmod1

XanMod is a general-purpose Linux kernel distribution with custom settings and new features. Built to provide a stable, responsive and smooth desktop experience.

The real-time version is recommended for critical runtime applications such as Linux gaming eSports, streaming, live productions and ultra-low latency enthusiasts.

Supports all recent 64-bit versions of Debian and Ubuntu-based systems.

Main Features

  • Preemptive Full Tickless Kernel at 500Hz w/ Tuned CPU Core Scheduler.
  • RCU Boost for better responsiveness and lower overall system latency.
  • Block Layer w/ multi-threaded runqueue for high I/O throughput.
  • Caching, Virtual Memory Manager and CPUFreq Governor improvements.
  • BBR TCP Congestion Control + FQ-PIE Packet Scheduling and AQM Algorithm [5.8].
  • ORC Unwinder for Kernel Stack Traces (debuginfo) implementation.
  • Third-party patchset available: ZSTD kernel, initrd and modules support [5.8][5.6-rt], Full x86_64 FSGSBASE instructions [5.8], Clear Linux [partial], CK's Hrtimer Patchset [5.8][5.4], Wine / Proton Fsync, PCIe ACS Override, BMQ Process Scheduler [5.4 stock disabled], Aufs [5.4] and GCC graysky's.
  • Real-time Linux kernel (PREEMPT_RT) build available [5.6-rt][5.4-rt].
  • Generic kernel package for compatibility with most Debian & Ubuntu based distributions. Built on the latest GCC 10.2 and Binutils 2.35.
  • GPLv2 license. Can be built for any distribution or purpose.

Install via Terminal

echo 'deb releases main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xanmod-kernel.list && wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

Then update and install:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-xanmod


Meta packages available: linux-xanmodlinux-xanmod-edgelinux-xanmod-ltslinux-xanmod-rt-edge and linux-xanmod-rt.

To try without adding the repository

Download from Sourceforge and install:

  1. In terminal:
    sudo dpkg -i linux-image-*xanmod*.deb linux-headers-*xanmod*.deb
  2. Reboot.
  • Check it:
    cat /proc/version
* linux-firmware-image package is optional

Linux 6.1.76-xanmod1

  • 665016b Linux 6.1.76-xanmod1
  • 13ffff6 Merge tag 'v6.1.76' into 6.1
  • e5c3b98 Linux 6.1.76
  • d7dc6a8 net/mlx5e: Handle hardware IPsec limits events
  • e90c7d2 serial: core: fix kernel-doc for uart_port_unlock_irqrestore()
  • c02d387 x86/entry/ia32: Ensure s32 is sign extended to s64
  • cf0b4ba tick/sched: Preserve number of idle sleeps across CPU hotplug events
  • e333bbb mips: Call lose_fpu(0) before initializing fcr31 in mips_set_personality_nan
  • ec745ee cxl/region:Fix overflow issue in alloc_hpa()
  • 1111abe MIPS: lantiq: register smp_ops on non-smp platforms
  • b086f6d spi: fix finalize message on error return
  • 598af91 spi: bcm-qspi: fix SFDP BFPT read by usig mspi read
  • a2fa86e drm/bridge: anx7625: Ensure bridge is suspended in disable()
  • 9564767 block: Move checking GENHD_FL_NO_PART to bdev_add_partition()
  • 4b84411 gpio: eic-sprd: Clear interrupt after set the interrupt type
  • 23cf4cf drm/exynos: gsc: minor fix for loop iteration in gsc_runtime_resume
  • ba93088 drm/exynos: fix accidental on-stack copy of exynos_drm_plane
  • c1cd4f9 drm/bridge: parade-ps8640: Make sure we drop the AUX mutex in the error case
  • 6ba690e drm/bridge: parade-ps8640: Ensure bridge is suspended in .post_disable()
  • 279f1cc drm/bridge: sii902x: Fix audio codec unregistration
  • e0f83c2 drm/bridge: sii902x: Fix probing race issue
  • c46f9c7 drm/bridge: sii902x: Use devm_regulator_bulk_get_enable()
  • ed555f5 drm: panel-simple: add missing bus flags for Tianma tm070jvhg[30/33]
  • 6b7fb29 drm/bridge: parade-ps8640: Wait for HPD when doing an AUX transfer
  • f9a4c40 Revert "powerpc/64s: Increase default stack size to 32KB"
  • ec5e692 drm/panel-edp: drm/panel-edp: Fix AUO B116XAK01 name and timing
  • f91c77d btrfs: zoned: optimize hint byte for zoned allocator
  • 4c45143 btrfs: zoned: factor out prepare_allocation_zoned()
  • b168029 serial: sc16is7xx: fix unconditional activation of THRI interrupt
  • 49d733c serial: sc16is7xx: Use port lock wrappers
  • 4fd9a02 serial: core: Provide port lock wrappers
  • e11dea8 dlm: use kernel_connect() and kernel_bind()
  • fd7c2ff ARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: fix USB SS wakeup
  • ecf8762 ARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: fix USB DP/DM HS PHY interrupts
  • 34d2c90 ARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: fix pdc '#interrupt-cells'
  • bba1320 ARM: dts: samsung: exynos4210-i9100: Unconditionally enable LDO12
  • 46cd7ef ARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: fix USB wakeup interrupt types
  • b87a122 pipe: wakeup wr_wait after setting max_usage
  • 6f5c4aa fs/pipe: move check to pipe_has_watch_queue()
  • 28f010d thermal: intel: hfi: Add syscore callbacks for system-wide PM
  • b2517d1 thermal: intel: hfi: Disable an HFI instance when all its CPUs go offline
  • a8056e8 thermal: intel: hfi: Refactor enabling code into helper functions
  • e1c9d32 PM: sleep: Fix possible deadlocks in core system-wide PM code
  • a9dbf8c PM: core: Remove unnecessary (void *) conversions
  • ea3357c bus: mhi: ep: Do not allocate event ring element on stack
  • 512fc4d media: ov13b10: Enable runtime PM before registering async sub-device
  • a14c243 media: ov13b10: Support device probe in non-zero ACPI D state
  • 33bf23c erofs: fix lz4 inplace decompression
  • 2197389 erofs: get rid of the remaining kmap_atomic()
  • 471ab2e drm/amdgpu/pm: Fix the power source flag error
  • b4cbd01 drm/amd/display: Port DENTIST hang and TDR fixes to OTG disable W/A
  • 7960f14 drm/bridge: nxp-ptn3460: simplify some error checking
  • 6341140 platform/x86: intel-uncore-freq: Fix types in sysfs callbacks
  • 85d16c0 drm/amd/display: Disable PSR-SU on Parade 0803 TCON again
  • b5fcb34 drm/tidss: Fix atomic_flush check
  • 2a81e84 drm/bridge: nxp-ptn3460: fix i2c_master_send() error checking
  • 62f2e79 drm: Don't unref the same fb many times by mistake due to deadlock handling
  • 635e996 cpufreq: intel_pstate: Refine computation of P-state for given frequency
  • 242996f gpiolib: acpi: Ignore touchpad wakeup on GPD G1619-04
  • 6c495c8 xfs: read only mounts with fsopen mount API are busted
  • 7f95f69 firmware: arm_scmi: Check mailbox/SMT channel for consistency
  • 2c939c7 ksmbd: fix global oob in ksmbd_nl_policy
  • 2841631 platform/x86: p2sb: Allow p2sb_bar() calls during PCI device probe
  • 8e34430 netfilter: nf_tables: reject QUEUE/DROP verdict parameters
  • af149a4 netfilter: nft_chain_filter: handle NETDEV_UNREGISTER for inet/ingress basechain
  • 5e7d8dd hv_netvsc: Calculate correct ring size when PAGE_SIZE is not 4 Kbytes
  • aa2cc93 wifi: iwlwifi: fix a memory corruption
  • dcc54a5 exec: Fix error handling in begin_new_exec()
  • 4646445 rbd: don't move requests to the running list on errors
  • 6e6bca9 btrfs: don't abort filesystem when attempting to snapshot deleted subvolume
  • 52e02f2 btrfs: defrag: reject unknown flags of btrfs_ioctl_defrag_range_args
  • 86aff7c btrfs: don't warn if discard range is not aligned to sector
  • b60f748 btrfs: tree-checker: fix inline ref size in error messages
  • c91c247 btrfs: ref-verify: free ref cache before clearing mount opt
  • 9ebd514 btrfs: avoid copying BTRFS_ROOT_SUBVOL_DEAD flag to snapshot of subvolume being deleted
  • d9c5476 nbd: always initialize struct msghdr completely
  • 0a5a083 net: fec: fix the unhandled context fault from smmu
  • 5b1086d fjes: fix memleaks in fjes_hw_setup
  • 4b4dcb3 selftests: netdevsim: fix the udp_tunnel_nic test
  • cec65f0 net: mvpp2: clear BM pool before initialization
  • acb6eaf net: stmmac: Wait a bit for the reset to take effect
  • 67ee373 netfilter: nf_tables: validate NFPROTO_* family
  • ed5b62b netfilter: nf_tables: restrict anonymous set and map names to 16 bytes
  • c25d792 btrfs: fix race between reading a directory and adding entries to it
  • fd968e6 btrfs: refresh dir last index during a rewinddir(3) call
  • a045b6b btrfs: set last dir index to the current last index when opening dir
  • 2aa515b btrfs: fix infinite directory reads
  • bc6e242 netfilter: nft_limit: reject configurations that cause integer overflow
  • c817f5c rcu: Defer RCU kthreads wakeup when CPU is dying
  • b2fa86b net/mlx5e: fix a potential double-free in fs_any_create_groups
  • 42876db net/mlx5e: fix a double-free in arfs_create_groups
  • 890881d net/mlx5e: Allow software parsing when IPsec crypto is enabled
  • 62ce160 net/mlx5: Use mlx5 device constant for selecting CQ period mode for ASO
  • 75d9ed4 net/mlx5: DR, Can't go to uplink vport on RX rule
  • e54aedd net/mlx5: DR, Use the right GVMI number for drop action
  • f11792c ipv6: init the accept_queue's spinlocks in inet6_create
  • de06160 netlink: fix potential sleeping issue in mqueue_flush_file
  • 90fba98 tcp: Add memory barrier to tcp_push()
  • ab49164 afs: Hide silly-rename files from userspace
  • f4f7e69 tracing: Ensure visibility when inserting an element into tracing_map
  • 82a9bc3 netfs, fscache: Prevent Oops in fscache_put_cache()
  • 7102492 net/rds: Fix UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in rds_cmsg_recv
  • fcb0b4b net: micrel: Fix PTP frame parsing for lan8814
  • 7a581f5 tun: add missing rx stats accounting in tun_xdp_act
  • 41e7dec tun: fix missing dropped counter in tun_xdp_act
  • a2232f2 net: fix removing a namespace with conflicting altnames
  • 6646145 udp: fix busy polling
  • 660c305 llc: Drop support for ETH_P_TR_802_2.
  • 6d53b81 llc: make llc_ui_sendmsg() more robust against bonding changes
  • c5e7fa4 vlan: skip nested type that is not IFLA_VLAN_QOS_MAPPING
  • 4ee0613 bnxt_en: Wait for FLR to complete during probe
  • b1e0a68 tcp: make sure init the accept_queue's spinlocks once
  • 6994dba net/smc: fix illegal rmb_desc access in SMC-D connection dump
  • 49aaeb8 wifi: mac80211: fix potential sta-link leak
  • b59e08c drm/amd/display: pbn_div need be updated for hotplug event
  • a5046e5 Revert "drm/amd: Enable PCIe PME from D3"
  • b1c06ee ksmbd: Add missing set_freezable() for freezable kthread
  • 844dfef ksmbd: send lease break notification on FILE_RENAME_INFORMATION
  • de603a5 ksmbd: don't increment epoch if current state and request state are same
  • e61fc65 ksmbd: fix potential circular locking issue in smb2_set_ea()
  • 8fa25e6 ksmbd: set v2 lease version on lease upgrade
  • 3101b9f mm: page_alloc: unreserve highatomic page blocks before oom
  • 1d15da5 LoongArch/smp: Call rcutree_report_cpu_starting() earlier
  • 0e0653d serial: sc16is7xx: improve do/while loop in sc16is7xx_irq()
  • 80beb44 serial: sc16is7xx: remove obsolete loop in sc16is7xx_port_irq()
  • de8e41f serial: sc16is7xx: fix invalid sc16is7xx_lines bitfield in case of probe error
  • 416b10d serial: sc16is7xx: convert from raw to noinc regmap functions for FIFO
  • 4b068e5 serial: sc16is7xx: change EFR lock to operate on each channels
  • f6c5855 serial: sc16is7xx: remove unused line structure member
  • 6dca71e serial: sc16is7xx: remove global regmap from struct sc16is7xx_port
  • 9bcb019 serial: sc16is7xx: remove wasteful static buffer in sc16is7xx_regmap_name()
  • 45ec1b7 serial: sc16is7xx: improve regmap debugfs by using one regmap per port
  • 362be9e rename(): fix the locking of subdirectories
  • 68ed9e3 mm/sparsemem: fix race in accessing memory_section->usage
  • 367a47e mm/rmap: fix misplaced parenthesis of a likely()
  • 5d01dcd ubifs: ubifs_symlink: Fix memleak of inode->i_link in error path
  • 13a6cee nouveau/vmm: don't set addr on the fail path to avoid warning
  • 40c23b5 rtc: Extend timeout for waiting for UIP to clear to 1s
  • 7971389 rtc: Add support for configuring the UIP timeout for RTC reads
  • fd1f539 rtc: mc146818-lib: Adjust failure return code for mc146818_get_time()
  • 911e720 rtc: Adjust failure return code for cmos_set_alarm()
  • aca1ea9 rtc: cmos: Use ACPI alarm for non-Intel x86 systems too
  • 2b1dc06 arm64: Rename ARM64_WORKAROUND_2966298
  • 9fec4db media: mtk-jpeg: Fix use after free bug due to error path handling in mtk_jpeg_dec_device_run
  • a33fbb8 mmc: mmc_spi: remove custom DMA mapped buffers
  • c4edcd1 mmc: core: Use mrq.sbc in close-ended ffu
  • d78fac8 media: videobuf2-dma-sg: fix vmap callback
  • c160f2a scripts/get_abi: fix source path leak
  • efe3ec7 docs: fix command injection
  • c014490 lsm: new security_file_ioctl_compat() hook
  • 2647770 arm64: dts: qcom: sm8150: fix USB DP/DM HS PHY interrupts
  • 0168530 arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: fix USB DP/DM HS PHY interrupts
  • 69ee126 arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: fix usb_1 wakeup interrupt types
  • eec1f92 arm64: dts: qcom: sm8150: fix USB wakeup interrupt types
  • 595d35c arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: fix USB wakeup interrupt types
  • 8191aa4 arm64: dts: qcom: sc7180: fix USB wakeup interrupt types
  • 9f29c5d scsi: ufs: core: Remove the ufshcd_hba_exit() call from ufshcd_async_scan()
  • 2ab3298 dmaengine: fix NULL pointer in channel unregistration function
  • 0c8ada7 iio: adc: ad7091r: Enable internal vref if external vref is not supplied
  • fcf8e37 async: Introduce async_schedule_dev_nocall()
  • 6e8aab4 async: Split async_schedule_node_domain()
  • b37c1b0 parisc/power: Fix power soft-off button emulation on qemu
  • 71602d9 parisc/firmware: Fix F-extend for PDC addresses
  • 0b09317 bus: mhi: host: Add spinlock to protect WP access when queueing TREs
  • 3c5ec66 bus: mhi: host: Drop chan lock before queuing buffers
  • 2df39ac bus: mhi: host: Add alignment check for event ring read pointer
  • 574f69b mips: Fix max_mapnr being uninitialized on early stages
  • 6690a0a s390/vfio-ap: let on_scan_complete() callback filter matrix and update guest's APCB
  • baf3fcb s390/vfio-ap: loop over the shadow APCB when filtering guest's AP configuration
  • d6b8d03 s390/vfio-ap: always filter entire AP matrix
  • 51a7c02 media: ov9734: Enable runtime PM before registering async sub-device
  • f4bb1d5 rpmsg: virtio: Free driver_override when rpmsg_remove()
  • e8757cd media: imx355: Enable runtime PM before registering async sub-device
  • 8a7729c PM / devfreq: Fix buffer overflow in trans_stat_show
  • f4518de s390/vfio-ap: unpin pages on gisc registration failure
  • dbc9a79 crypto: s390/aes - Fix buffer overread in CTR mode
  • aa8aa16 hwrng: core - Fix page fault dead lock on mmap-ed hwrng
  • 3a08158 PM: hibernate: Enforce ordering during image compression/decompression
  • 680eb0a crypto: api - Disallow identical driver names
  • 562850a btrfs: sysfs: validate scrub_speed_max value
  • 29e2da3 OPP: Pass rounded rate to _set_opp()
  • 4b5f8a1 arm64: properly install vmlinuz.efi
  • 852b6b2 ext4: allow for the last group to be marked as trimmed
  • 137568a iio: adc: ad7091r: Allow users to configure device events
  • 6f57121 iio: adc: ad7091r: Set alert bit in config register
  • fafda9f Revert "nSVM: Check for reserved encodings of TLB_CONTROL in nested VMCB"
  • c519a90 usb: dwc3: gadget: Handle EP0 request dequeuing properly
  • c8fe8ce usb: dwc3: gadget: Queue PM runtime idle on disconnect event
  • ce27046 usb: dwc3: gadget: Refactor EP0 forced stall/restart into a separate API


Download Linux 6.1.76-xanmod1 source from GitHub