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Wine Staging 9.10, based on the latest development release of Wine, has been released. The change log includes a rebase against Wine 9.10, an updated vkd3d-latest patchset, and an updated Compiler_Warnings patchset.

What is Wine Staging?

Wine Staging is the testing area of It contains bug fixes and features, which have not been integrated into the development branch yet. The idea of Wine Staging is to provide experimental features faster to end users and to give developers the possibility to discuss and improve their patches before they are integrated into the main branch. More information about Wine Staging can also be found on our website


Ready-to-use packages for Wine Staging are available for a variety of Linux distributions and for Mac OS X. Just follow the  installation instructions for your operating system.

On most distributions the wine-staging package is installed to /opt/wine-staging, such that multiple Wine versions can be installed in parallel. If this is the case for your distribution, you will have to type /opt/wine-staging/bin/wine instead of just wine. The same also applies for other wine-specific programs like winecfg To learn more about how to use Wine Staging, please take a look at the  usage instructions.

Change log:

  • Rebase against Wine 9.10
  • Updated vkd3d-latest patchset
  • Updated Compiler_Warnings patchset
Wine Staging

Download Wine Staging 9.10