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The release of the Wine 9.2 development release has been announced by Alexandre Julliard. This release includes a number of bug fixes, as well as an update to Mono engine version 9.0.0, improvements to the way ARM platform exceptions are handled, and enhancements to the system tray.

Wine release 9.2

The Wine development release 9.2 is now available.

What's new in this release:
- Mono engine updated to version 9.0.0.
- A number of system tray fixes.
- Exception handling improvements on ARM platforms.
- Various bug fixes.

The source is available at 

Binary packages for various distributions will be available

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Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file [AUTHORS][1] for the complete list.



### Bugs fixed in 9.2 (total 15):

- #43993 Quick3270 5.21: crashes when using the Connect function
- #47521 digikam 6.10 crashes on start
- #51360 vkGetDeviceProcAddr invalid behavior for functions from extensions unsupported by host Vulkan instance
- #51770 digikam-7.1.0 freezes on start
- #51843 dlls/ws2_32/socket.c:839:17: error: ?IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP? undeclared here
- #53934 __unDName fails to demangle a name
- #55997 Dolphin Emulator crashes from 5.0-17264
- #56122 LANCommander won't start, prints "error code 0x8007046C" (ERROR_MAPPED_ALIGNMENT)
- #56243 ShowSystray registry key was removed without alternative
- #56250 Elite Dangerous client gets stuck on black screen after launch
- #56256 Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer 17.05 shows incomplete user interface (32-bit).
- #56259 Microsoft Webview 2 installer hangs forever
- #56265 Epic Games Launcher 15.21.0 calls unimplemented function cfgmgr32.dll.CM_Get_Device_Interface_PropertyW
- #56291 Kodu game lab crashes (with xnafx40_redist+dotnet48 preinstalled): Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
- #56293 user32:msg test_recursive_hook fails on Windows 7

### Changes since 9.1:
Aida Jonikien? (1):
configure: Use YEAR2038 macro when it's available.

Alex Henrie (2):
krnl386: Emulate the VGA status register.
explorer: Handle the back and forward buttons of a 5-button mouse.

Alexandre Julliard (37):
configure: Reset host flags in all cross-compiler error paths.
winsta: Start time is an input parameter in WinStationGetProcessSid.
ntdll: Use the system setjmp/longjmp for exceptions in Unix libs.
ntdll: Use a .seh handler for the unwind exception handler.
ntdll: Avoid calling DbgBreakPoint() in process_breakpoint().
ntdll: Move DbgUiRemoteBreakin() to the CPU backends.
include: Include cfg.h from cfgmgr32.h.
ntdll: Report the correct address for breakpoint exception on ARM platforms.
kernel32/tests: Fix some test failures on ARM platforms.
ntdll: Use a .seh handler for DbgUiRemoteBreakin().
dbghelp/tests: Mark failing tests as todo.
Revert "loader: Associate folder with explorer".
configure: Require a PE compiler for 32-bit ARM.
ntdll: Share the is_valid_frame() helper function.
ntdll: Only call TEB handlers for frames inside the current stack.
winedump: Make the ARM exception information more compact.
winedump: Handle ARM64 exception unwind info with flag==3.
winebuild: Default to plain "clang" in find_clang_tool().
winebuild: Remove some no longer used code for ARM platforms.
winebuild: Add .seh annotations on ARM.
kernel32: Move Wow64Get/SetThreadContext implementation to kernelbase.
kernel32: Don't export RtlRaiseException on ARM64.
ntdll: Fix stack layout for ARM syscalls.
ntdll/tests: Add some process machine tests for ARM64X.
server: Don't report alternate 64-bit machines as supported.
ntdll: Update the image information when loading a builtin dll.
ntdll: Use the correct machine when loading ntdll on ARM64EC.
server: Don't update the machine in the image information for ARM64EC modules.
server: Don't update the entry point in the image information for ARM64EC modules.
ntdll: Redirect the module entry point for ARM64EC modules.
server: Add hybrid flag in image mapping information.
ntdll: Use the current machine by default to create an ARM64X process.
ntdll: Fix RtlWow64GetCurrentMachine() result on ARM64EC.
uxtheme: Use BOOLEAN instead of BOOL in ordinal functions.
gdi32/tests: Fix the expected GetTextMetrics() results on recent Windows.
user32/tests: Fix some sysparams results on recent Windows.
ntdll/tests: Mark a failing test as todo.

Alexandros Frantzis (2):
winewayland.drv: Track and apply latest window cursor on pointer enter.
win32u: Use consistent locking order for display related mutexes.

Arkadiusz Hiler (4):
winebus.sys: Fix units used for hat switches.
winebus.sys: Use 4 bits for hat switches.
wbemprox/tests: Test LIKE queries.
wbemprox: Reimplement LIKE.

Brendan Shanks (2):
winebuild: Refactor find_tool().
winebuild: As a last resort, search for tools un-prefixed using clang.

Daniel Lehman (9):
glu32/tests: Add a few tests for gluScaleImage.
glu32: Return GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY from gluScaleImage if no context.
glu32: Return GLU_INVALID_ENUM for illegal pixel types.
advapi32/tests: Reduce reallocations.
advapi32/tests: Add some more EventLog tests.
oleaut32/tests: Add tests for VarBstrFromR8.
oleaut32/tests: Add tests for VarBstrFromR4.
ucrtbase/tests: Add sprintf tests.
msvcrt/tests: Add sprintf tests.

David Kahurani (5):
gdiplus: Use GdipCreatePath2 in GdipClonePath.
gdiplus: Use GdipCreatePath2 when serializing paths.
gdiplus: Use path_list to path helper in GdipFlattenPath.
gdiplus: Use path_list to path helper in GdipWidenPath.
msvcrt: Free previous environment variable when clearing.

Eric Pouech (18):
dmime/tests: Fix copy & paste errors.
dmime/tests: Add some tests for loops on wave tracks.
dmime: Fix IDirectMusicAudioPath::GetObjectInPath() prototype.
dmime: Remove unused fields in segment.
dmime/tests: Add some tests about end-points.
dbghelp/tests: Use Unicode encoding for generated PDB filenames.
dbghelp/tests: Test SymSrvGetFileIndexInfo() on .dbg files.
dbghelp: Implement SymSrvGetFileIndexInfo() for .dbg files.
dbghelp: Implement SymSrvGetFileIndexInfo() for PDB/JG files.
kernel32/tests: Added tests about std handle flags inheritance.
kernel32/tests: Test DUPLICATE_SAME_ATTRIBUTES flag in DuplicateHandle().
server: Implement support for DUPLICATE_SAME_ATTRIBUTES in DuplicateHandle().
server: Preserve handle flags when inheriting a std handle.
dmime: Fully implement IDirectMusicSegmentState::GetRepeats().
dmime: Add tests about segment state's graph interface.
dmime: Add IDirectMusicGraph interface to segment state.
dmime: Generate track flags while in loop.
dmime: Use sent duration in loop's playback.

Esme Povirk (6):
gdiplus: Prefer Tahoma for generic sans serif font.
mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 9.0.0.
user32/tests: Accept EM_GETPASSWORDCHAR when edit is focused.
gdiplus: Fix some degenerate cases combining infinite regions.
gdiplus/tests: Thoroughly test region combines.
user32/tests: Fix flags on expected EM_GETPASSWORDCHAR message.

Fabian Maurer (1):
msi: Don't write past end of string when selecting parent directory.

Felix M?nchhalfen (2):
ntdll: Use pagesize alignment if MEM_REPLACE_PLACEHOLDER is set in flags of NtMapViewOfSection(Ex).
kernelbase/tests: Add a test for MapViewOfFile3 with MEM_REPLACE_PLACEHOLDER.

Gabriel Iv?ncescu (16):
mshtml: Forward the script site's QueryService to the document's.
mshtml: Forward SID_SInternetHostSecurityManager of the document obj to the doc node.
mshtml: Implement IActiveScriptSite service.
mshtml: Implement Exec for CGID_ScriptSite's CMDID_SCRIPTSITE_SECURITY_WINDOW.
vbscript: Implement IActiveScriptSite service.
jscript: Implement IActiveScriptSite service.
mshtml: Use a hook to implement postMessage.
mshtml: Implement `source` prop for MessageEvents.
mshtml: Return E_ABORT from postMessage called without a caller ServiceProvider.
mshtml: Implement `data` getter for MessageEvent objs.
mshtml: Implement `origin` prop for MessageEvents.
mshtml: Implement `initMessageEvent` for MessageEvents.
mshtml: Expose the IHTMLEventObj5 props to scripts.
mshtml/tests: Test builtin function default value getter with custom IOleCommandTarget.
explorer: Don't activate the systray icon when showing it.
explorer: Set layered style on systray icons only when it's actually layered.

Georg Lehmann (3):
winevulkan: Prepare for VK_KHR_calibrated_timestamps.
winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.3.277.
winevulkan: Enable VK_ARM_render_pass_striped.

Giovanni Mascellani (1):
d2d1: Compile vertex shaders with D3DCompile().

Hans Leidekker (1):
msxml3: Enable XPath object cache.

Helix Graziani (2):
cfgmgr32: Add CM_Get_Device_Interface_PropertyW stub.
windows.globalization: Add IIterable_HSTRING impl to IVectorView_HSTRING.

Ivo Ivanov (1):
winebus.sys: Prefer hidraw if it is the only backend enabled.

Jacek Caban (11):
ncrypt/tests: Don't use uninitialized variable in test_get_property.
windowscodecs: Pass result as void pointer to ComponentInfo_GetUINTValue.
mf: Avoid implicit enum to int pointer casts.
mfplat: Avoid implicit cast in IMFAttributes_GetUINT32 call.
mfplat/tests: Use MF_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE type in IMFMediaType_GetItemType call.
mfplat: Introduce media_type_get_uint32 helper.
mfmediaengine/tests: Use MF_MEDIA_ENGINE_CANPLAY type in IMFMediaEngine_CanPlayType call.
mfmediaengine: Avoid implicit casts in IMFAttributes_GetUINT32 calls.
include: Add RtlRestoreContext declaration.
d3d10/tests: Avoid implicit cast changing value.
dsound: Simplify f_to_32.

Louis Lenders (5):
ntdll: Add stub for RtlGetDeviceFamilyInfoEnum.
shcore: Add stub for RegisterScaleChangeNotifications.
wbemprox: Add property 'Caption' to Win32_PnPEntity.
wbemprox: Add property 'ClassGuid' to Win32_PnPEntity.
wbemprox: Add property 'Caption' to Win32_DiskDrive.

Marc-Aurel Zent (2):
ntdll: Reimplement set_native_thread_name() for macOS.
ntdll: Fix DW_OP_abs absolute value warning on labs() for clang.

Nikolay Sivov (3):
mfplat/tests: Skip device manager test if d3d11 device can't be created.
mfplat/tests: Skip tests that require d3d9 support.
d3d10/effect: Clarify constant buffer flags field meaning.

Paul Gofman (6):
ntdll/tests: Fix test_user_shared_data() for a more generic set of present features.
server: Check if we have waiting asyncs in (send_socket) before enforcing blocking send.
server: Check if we have waiting asyncs in sock_dispatch_asyncs() before clearing POLLOUT.
explorer: Don't pop start menu on "minimize all windows" systray command.
explorer: Don't pop start menu on "undo minimize all windows" systray command.
msvcrt: Adjust _gmtime64_s() accepted time limits.

Piotr Caban (6):
msvcrt: Store _unDName function parameter backreferences in parsed_symbol structure.
msvcrt: Remove no longer used parameters reference arguments from _unDname helpers.
winedump: Sync demangling code with msvcrt.
jsproxy: Don't ignore hostname and url length in InternetGetProxyInfo.
winhttp/tests: Add more WinHttpGetProxyForUrl tests.
winhttp: Add support for WINHTTP_AUTOPROXY_HOST_LOWERCASE flag in WinHttpGetProxyForUrl.

R?mi Bernon (48):
explorer: Restore a per-desktop ShowSystray registry setting.
mf/tests: Check inserted topology loader transforms explicitly.
mf/topology_loader: Use a local variable for the indirect connection method.
mf/topology_loader: Ignore SetOutputType errors when doing indirect connect.
mf/topology_loader: Initialize transform output type before adding converter.
mf/topology_loader: Try to connect transform nodes with their current types first.
winegstreamer: Implement H264 decoder GetInputCurrentType.
winegstreamer: Ask GStreamer to stop messing with signal handlers.
vulkan-1/tests: Enable VK_VERSION_1_1 as requested by validation layers.
vulkan-1/tests: Create surface and device before calling test_null_hwnd.
vulkan-1/tests: Test VK_KHR_win32_surface with windows in various states.
vulkan-1/tests: Add more VK_KHR_win32_surface surface formats tests.
vulkan-1/tests: Test VK_KHR_win32_surface WSI with swapchain functions.
imm32/tests: Also ignore NotifyIME calls when ignoring WM_IME_NOTIFY.
imm32/tests: Fix some spurious failures with Windows ko_KR IME.
win32u: Only queue a single IME update during ImeProcessKey.
winevulkan: Keep the create_info HWND on the surface wrappers.
winevulkan: Return VK_ERROR_SURFACE_LOST_KHR from surface functions.
winewayland: Remove now unnecessary VK_ERROR_SURFACE_LOST_KHR checks.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceSupportKHR driver entry.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfacePresentModesKHR driver entry.
winevulkan: Remove now unnecessary vkGetDeviceGroupSurfacePresentModesKHR driver entry.
user32/tests: Run rawinput device tests in the separate desktop.
user32/tests: Rewrite the rawinput buffer test with keyboard input.
dinput/tests: Add a helper to wait on HID input reads.
dinput/tests: Add more tests for HID rawinput buffer.
dinput/tests: Test rawinput messages with non-input desktop.
dinput/tests: Use a polled HID touchscreen device.
dinput/tests: Test rawinput with the virtual HID touchscreen.
winegstreamer: Trace wg_transform input and output caps.
winegstreamer: Handle allocation query in a separate helper.
winegstreamer: Handle sink caps query in a separate helper.
winegstreamer: Handle sink event caps in a separate helper.
winegstreamer: Use GST_PTR_FORMAT to trace GStreamer objects.
winegstreamer: Ignore wg_transform input / output video format fps.
winegstreamer: Allow wg_transform size changes with an explicit attribute.
mf/tests: Report more transform current type mismatches.
mf/tests: Add some tests with video processor aperture handling.
mfreadwrite/tests: Initialize test source stream types from descriptors.
mfreadwrite/tests: Test source reader exposed transforms and types.
mfreadwrite/tests: Test source reader transforms with MF_SOURCE_READER_ENABLE_VIDEO_PROCESSING.
mfreadwrite/tests: Test source reader transforms with MF_SOURCE_READER_ENABLE_ADVANCED_VIDEO_PROCESSING.
server: Combine HID usage page and usage together.
server: Stop using union rawinput in hw_input_t.
server: Stop using hardware_msg_data in rawinput_message.
server: Move rawinput message conversion from win32u.
server: Fix rawinput buffer sizes and alignment on WoW64.
win32u: Get rid of the rawinput thread data and buffer.

Shaun Ren (4):
sapi: Create a new engine only when needed in ISpVoice.
sapi: Add ISpeechObjectToken stub.
sapi: Add ISpeechObjectTokens stub.
sapi: Add stub implementation for ISpeechObjectTokens::get__NewEnum.

Tim Clem (1):
winebus.sys: Do not attempt to open keyboard and mouse HID devices on macOS.

Vibhav Pant (1):
configure: Correctly derive the target from CC if it's set to an absolute path.

Yuxuan Shui (2):
dmusic: Fix loading wave data from soundfont.
mf: Only preroll when starting from stopped state.

Zebediah Figura (8):
wined3d: Move state objects from state.c to device.c.
wined3d: Rename state.c to ffp_gl.c.
wined3d: Move sampler_texdim() and texture_activate_dimensions() to ffp_gl.c.
d3d8/tests: Add more tests for SPECULARENABLE.
wined3d/glsl: Always set WINED3D_SHADER_CONST_FFP_LIGHTS in FFP constant update masks.
wined3d/glsl: Pass through the specular varying when SPECULARENABLE is FALSE.
wined3d/arb: Always disable the fragment pipeline in shader_arb_select().
wined3d/arb: Compare the fragment pipe ops in shader_arb_select() instead of using an extra field.

Zhiyi Zhang (7):
winex11.drv: Translate whole_rect to x11 root coordinates in set_size_hints().
user32/tests: Fix test_recursive_messages() test failures on win7.
mf: Make session_get_node_object() more robust.
mf: Add a session_flush_nodes() helper.
mf/tests: Add a create_test_topology() helper.
mf: Support seeking while a session is started.
mf/tests: Test IMFMediaSession::Start().