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There is a new version of GE-Proton has been released by GloriousEggroll. This version includes updates to Proton, vkd3d-proton, dxvk, ULWGL, and GStreamer. Additionally, Protonfixes include fixes for cutscenes in Dark and Darker, BDO, and Yakuza 5.

GE-Proton8-31 Released


  • updated wine to latest bleeding edge, allows helldivers to run
  • updated vkd3d-proton to latest git
  • updated dxvk to latest git


  • added fix for older games to properly set CWD (current working directory) if executable is not inside the wine prefix


  • fixed this annoying ass unclosable wayland window from popping up when a game uses gstreamer

Original upstream bugs + fix:


  • added fixes for Dark and Darker (thanks nmlynch94)
  • updated BDO fixes to work with standalone
  • updated yakuza 5 cutscenes fixes to work on non-steam versions


  • cleaned up various no longer required patches (either upstreamed or already fixed)

Release GE-Proton8-31 Released · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom