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MakeUseOf posted a tutorial about watching Blu-Ray discs on Linux

It’s important to note, sadly, that support for Blu-Rays isn’t perfect, so you can’t expect to have all Blu-Rays to work. At least a majority of discs should work under Linux, but some discs have special encryptions in place that require functionality that isn’t put in place. Additionally, all BD+ discs are currently not supported at all. As a general rule, I always like to recommend converting all of your movies (of any sort) into a playable video file as they’re easier to play/manage, and the concept of using discs is starting to become obsolete (see Macbooks and Ultrabooks without an optical drive).

Finally, under Linux, VLC is the go-to app for Blu-Ray playback. Other media players are either unsupported or “at your own risk”. If you absolutely want to use a different media player, I recommend looking into Blu-Ray playback with MPlayer.
  What You Need To Know About Watching Blu-Ray On Linux