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A press release from Terra Soft:

BOSTON, Massachusetts, - 5 April 2006 - From the floor of LinuxWorld, Terra Soft Solutions announced availability of Y-Bio v1.1. As showcased by Penguin Computing, the Scyld ClusterWare(TM) HPC - Life Sciences Suite is built upon Terra Soft Solutions' Y-Bio v1.1.

Increased genomic data sets coupled with improved accessibility to gene sequencing tools is giving rise to more computationally intensive research processes. Critical scientific outcomes are therefore highly dependent on the ability to process very large, comprehensive data sets.

The bioinformatics arena is built upon in-house developed applications which grow to become open-source standards. While these applications in isolation are readily downloaded, recompiled, and executed, the combination of dozens, even hundreds of gene sequencing tools invokes need for a foundation of organized management. Terra Soft and Penguin offer this time and resource saving construct whereby bioinformaticists are enabled to do less coding and more research.

"Given the explosive growth of life sciences at an individual, lab, and institutional level, the timely success of a research project is now correlated to the efficiency of the suite of computational tools," said Kai Staats, CEO of Terra Soft Solutions, "Fortunately, Penguin's Life Sciences Suite using Y-Bio provides an unprecedented level of efficiency, security, and organization for the bioinformaticist. It removes the need for reliance upon HPC administrators, saving time, resources and money."

Penguin's Scyld ClusterWare(TM) HPC – Life Sciences Suite is built upon Y-Bio v1.1, offering an unprecedented level of efficiency, security, and organization for the bioinformaticist. This removes the need for reliance upon HPC administrators, saving time, resources, and money.

"We are pleased to incorporate Terra Soft's powerful Y-Bio-based technology into our ClusterWare Life Sciences Suite and further simplify cluster deployment for life sciences customers," said Pauline Nist, senior vice president of Product Development & Management of Penguin Computing. "The team at Terra Soft is very knowledge about life sciences technologies, resulting in a web-based system that helps researchers manage and analyze their data. Combined with Scyld's virtualized cluster environment, this technology is exactly what the market needs to reach even greater levels of productivity and ease of use."

Y-Bio v1.1 adds five new packages to the v1.0 foundation: T-coffee, MrBayes, mpiBLAST, Modeltest, and Probcons, enriching Y-Bio with a greater diversity of gene sequence analysis tools. These are coupled with the original application suite offered with v1.0: NCBI BLAST, EMBOSS, Glimmer, ClustalW, HMMER, Wise, and FastA. Terra Soft's Y-Bio single, highly integrated interface enables genomics researchers to benefit from unified data management, input, execution, and analysis.

Y-Bio now offers support for 32-bit Fedora Core 4 for x86, 32-/64-bit Yellow Dog Linux v4.1, and 64-bit Scyld 30cz. Y-Bio is designed to function on both workstations and clusters.

Y-Bio is immediately available from Terra Soft's Store:

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Penguin is showcasing their "Life Sciences Suite" at LinuxWorld, April 3-7, booth #1324. David Smith, lead developer for Terra Soft's Y-Bio is available in the Penguin booth to answer questions about both products.

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