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stpkg-0.5a for Slackware Linux has been released

From the author:
You can download stp on sourceforge:

note: "stp" means please :): it doesnt cost anything to be polite with your system.

one command to search, compare, download, build or install and update packages from slackware ,, and mirrors, .deb .rpm and tar archives from anywhere, tracking dependencies (and much more)

using any livecd you can use stp to update machines from any distribution to slackware, or install a full slackware distribution with one command line

slacktrack, slapt-get, stp and swaret..
im not alone... although when i started stp in february 2003 it was less obvious :):

anyway (or maybe because of this) i'll continue to regulary spend some time for it as im free to spend as much time i want for it. Life is beautiful :): version 0.5 of the Slackware stp package manager is out !

i'll adapt it to another distribution. i want a unique command able to install all the main packages formats on any distribution. people could help me adapt it or extend it for what they are using. basically if there is a command to install/remove/update a package on your distribution that's easy to do so

mail me if you need assistance using stp


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