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The codename and repositories for the upcoming SparkyLinux 8 have been determined.

Sparky 8 code name and repos

The new, upcoming Sparky 8  code name and repos is set.
The code name is “The Seven Sisters”, and the new repos is “sisters”.

The upcoming Sparky 8, now testing/semi-rolling is based on Debian testing “Trixie”.

If you would like to keep Sparky rolling, means based on Debian testing, do:

1. change Debian repos from “bookworm” to “trixie” at the file:

2. change Sparky repos from “orion” to “sisters” at the file:

3. make dist upgrade:
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

or just the short command (short of Sparky Upgrade):

or use Sparky upgrade script:
chmod +x sparky-dist-upgrade78
sudo ./sparky-dist-upgrade78

If any problem, before re-booting, launch:
sudo dpkg –configure -a
sudo apt -f

Visit the Wiki page too:


Sparky 8 code name and repos - SparkyLinux