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A press release from Collax:

The SDK enables a fast and simple integration of Linux-based applications
in the Collax Solution Platform

BEDFORD, Mass., March 15, 2007 – In tandem with the CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, Collax will present its Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK offers a comprehensive collection of development tools, interfaces (Application Programming Interfaces; APIs) and documentation enabling software manufacturers to either develop their applications on top of the Collax Solution Platform, or to integrate existing applications into the platform via the graphical maintenance user interface, the Collax GUI. Saving both development effort and time, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and software companies can now build and market their own Linux-based server solutions.

“With our SDK for the Collax Solution Platform, we enable ISVs to benefit from our ‘Simply Linux’ strategy,” said Boris Nalbach, CEO of Collax. “Now software manufacturers can quickly and easily integrate their solutions with Collax technology, and create turnkey solutions for their customers. This differentiates us from proprietary platforms and Linux distributions, making us the right choice for solution partners targeting small and medium sized businesses.”

The Software Development Kit
Using the Collax SDK significantly reduces the go-to-market time for independent software developers to create Collax platform-based solutions. In addition, they have access to basic functions such as e-mail, databases and web servers, and Collax Solution Platform update management through well-organized, documented and standard interfaces. The individual Collax Solution Platform components together with these APIs and the Collax Integration Framework enable a fast integration of the SDK with no special training required.

The Collax Integration Framework
At the heart of Collax technology lies the Collax Integration Framework to ensure that Collax solutions are straightforward, and easy to operate. It includes the graphical user interface (GUI), the operating system’s deeply integrated software components, and simultaneously running, automated processes that are invisible to the administrator. Integration Framework technology guarantees uniform configuration and maintenance of all Collax Solution Platform components so that settings and respective formats are saved in the system and that dependencies and consistencies are maintained.

With the Integration Framework, the Collax server is easy to install, even for administrators with basic knowledge of network and service configuration; Linux know-how or rights distribution details are not needed. Standard settings are set-up easily with the AJAX-based graphical GUI.

Collax ISV Solution Center experts are available to answer any questions regarding the Software Development Kit and Collax Solution Platform. Software manufacturers can order the SDK by signing up for the free Collax Partner Program membership, and completing the application form at: