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Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 4 has been released

For you, Sabayon4 offers an easy to use and attractive desktop coming with thousands of tools and applications, such as effortless connections to any kind of wireless network, Web and Multimedia applications (Java, Flash Player, Google Earth, Picasa, etc), browsers (Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, etc), instant messaging clients (Pidgin, Kopete, aMsn, etc), multimedia and playback tools (Elisa Media Centerl, GeeXbox, VLC, Smplayer), productivity tools (OpenOffice, Abiword, Gnucalc, Kontact, Adobe Reader).

Technically, Sabayon4 has been completely rebuilt on top of GCC 4.3, for i686 (32bit) and x86_64 (64bit) architecture. As you can read, the 32bit flavour switched from i586 CHOST to i686, unleashing a further boost for all the supported Processors.
Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 4