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Puppy Linux version 2.13 has been released:

The final release of version 2.13 has been uploaded. The live-CD iso file is 'puppy-2.13-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso' and is 84.5MB. This build has the complete suite of kernel drivers. More compact builds with a subset of the full driver suite and different selections of applications will follow soon.

We release a new Puppy every 6 - 8 weeks, always with a huge list of new features, too much to summarise in one or two sentences. Basically though, there are major improvements in the user interface and general usability, including upgrading of fonts, ROX-Filer, Video Wizard and bootup and shutdown scripts. New applications developed by Puppy-enthusiasts are making their debut, namely Soxgui, XkbConfigurationManager and PuppyBackup. Other Puppy-applications are significantly upgraded.
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