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A new version of the external_file extension for PostgreSQL has been released.

external_file extension v1.1 released

Allow access to "external files" from PostgreSQL server file systems.

This extension adds the same functionalities given by the Oracle's BFILE data type that stores unstructured binary data in flat files outside the database. A BFILE column stores a file locator that points to an external file containing the data: (DIRECTORY, FILENAME). Here the data type is called EFILE.

The extension access to external files using secure call to the server side lo_* functions and not by directly reading/writing to files.

external_file v1.1 has been released, this is a maintenance release to fix issues reported by users since previous version.

  • Add the efilename() function as equivalent to the Oracle BFILENAME() function.
  • Improve Makefile and detect minimum version of PostgreSQL requirement.
  • Fix make install error about file README.external_file.

Complete list of changes and acknowledgement is available  here


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external_file is an open project under the PostgreSQL license created by Dominique Legendre ( BRGM) and maintained by Gilles Darold ( MigOps). Any contribution to build a better tool is welcome. You can send your ideas, features requests or patches using the GitHub tools.

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external_file extension v1.1 released