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Sergey Panteleev has announced the release of PHP 8.2.13.


- Core:
. Fixed double-free of non-interned enum case name. (ilutov)
. Fixed bug GH-12457 (Incorrect result of stripos with single character
needle). (SakiTakamachi)
. Fixed bug GH-12468 (Double-free of doc_comment when overriding static
property via trait). (ilutov)
. Fixed segfault caused by weak references to FFI objects. (sj-i)
. Fixed max_execution_time: don't delete an unitialized timer. (Kévin Dunglas)
. Fixed bug GH-12558 (Arginfo soft-breaks with namespaced class return type
if the class name starts with N). (kocsismate)

- DOM:
. Fix registerNodeClass with abstract class crashing. (nielsdos)
. Add missing NULL pointer error check. (icy17)
. Fix validation logic of php:function() callbacks. (nielsdos)

- Fiber:
. Fixed bug GH-11121 (ReflectionFiber segfault). (danog, trowski, bwoebi)

- FPM:
. Fixed bug GH-9921 (Loading ext in FPM config does not register module
handlers). (Jakub Zelenka)
. Fixed bug GH-12232 (FPM: segfault dynamically loading extension without
opcache). (Jakub Zelenka)
. Fixed bug #76922 (FastCGI terminates conn after FCGI_GET_VALUES).
(Jakub Zelenka)

- Intl:
. Removed the BC break on IntlDateFormatter::construct which threw an
exception with an invalid locale. (David Carlier)

- Opcache:
. Added warning when JIT cannot be enabled. (danog)
. Fixed bug GH-8143 (Crashes in zend_accel_inheritance_cache_find since
upgrading to 8.1.3 due to corrupt on-disk file cache). (turchanov)

- OpenSSL:
. Fixed bug GH-12489 (Missing sigbio creation checking in openssl_cms_verify).
(Jakub Zelenka)

. Fixed bug GH-11374 (Backport upstream fix, Different preg_match result
with -d pcre.jit=0). (mvorisek)

. Fixed bug GH-12392 (Segmentation fault on SoapClient::__getTypes).
. Fixed bug #66150 (SOAP WSDL cache race condition causes Segmentation
Fault). (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #67617 (SOAP leaves incomplete cache file on ENOSPC). (nielsdos)
. Fix incorrect uri check in SOAP caching. (nielsdos)
. Fix segfault and assertion failure with refcounted props and arrays.
. Fix potential crash with an edge case of persistent encoders. (nielsdos)
. Fixed bug #75306 (Memleak in SoapClient). (nielsdos)

- Streams:
. Fixed bug #75708 (getimagesize with "&$imageinfo" fails on StreamWrappers).
(Jakub Zelenka)

- XMLReader:
. Add missing NULL pointer error check. (icy17)

- XMLWriter:
. Add missing NULL pointer error check. (icy17)

- XSL:
. Add missing module dependency. (nielsdos)
. Fix validation logic of php:function() callbacks. (nielsdos)

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