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Pierrick Charron has announced the release of the third beta of PHP 8.2.0 for testing.


- Core:
. Fixed incorrect double to long casting in latest clang. (zeriyoshi)
. Added support for defining constants in traits. (sj-i)
. Stop incorrectly emitting false positive deprecation notice alongside unsupported syntax fatal error for `"{$g{'h'}}"`. (TysonAndre)
. Fix unexpected deprecated dynamic property warning, which occurred when exit() in finally block after an exception was thrown without catching. (Twosee)

- MBString:
. Fixed bug GH-9248 (Segmentation fault in mb_strimwidth()). (cmb)

- Random:
. Fixed bug GH-9235 (non-existant $sequence parameter in stub for PcgOneseq128XslRr64::__construct()). (timwolla)
. Fixed bug GH-9190, GH-9191 (undefined behavior for MT_RAND_PHP when handling large ranges). (timwolla)
. Fixed bug GH-9249 (Xoshiro256StarStar does not reject the invalid all-zero state). (timwolla)
. Removed redundant RuntimeExceptions from Randomizer methods. The exceptions thrown by the engines will be exposed directly. (timwolla)
. Added extension specific Exceptions/Errors (RandomException, RandomError, BrokenRandomEngineError). (timwolla)

- Session:
. Fixed GH-9200 (setcookie has an obsolete expires date format). (timwolla)

- Standard:
. Fixed bug #65489 (glob() basedir check is inconsistent). (Jakub Zelenka)
. Fixed GH-9200 (setcookie has an obsolete expires date format). (Derick)
. Fixed GH-9244 (Segfault with array_multisort + array_shift). (cmb)

Release php-8.2.0beta3 · php/php-src