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A new version of PgBouncer, a lightweight PostgreSQL connection pooler, has been launched. PgBouncer 1.23.0 adds support for rolling restarts, user name maps for certificate and peer authentication methods, replication connections via PgBouncer, improvements to SHOW USERS output listing connections, and pool_size and server_lifetime configuration per database.

The minimum version requirement for c-ares has been raised to 1.9.0, and it now supports all address types in hba configuration. Additionally, dynamically created users can now be listed in the SHOW USERS output, and systemd restarts automatically. The update also resolves issues with large and partial startup packets.

PgBouncer 1.23.0 released

PgBouncer 1.23.0 has been released. This release contains a number of new features along with a variety of improvements and bug fixes. Highlights are: User name maps can now be used in authentication configuration. In multi-process PgBouncer setups, it is now possible to do rolling restarts. Replication connections can go through PgBouncer.

See for more information, the detailed changelog, and download links.

PgBouncer is a lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL.


PgBouncer 1.23.0 released