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A press release from SmartFLeX Technology:

Nazareth, PA, March 14, 2005. SmartFLeX Technology, a leading designer and developer of Linux based thin client solutions, announces the availability of OPTion, the first Virtual Thin Client solution for the Linux Workstation Desktop.

OPTion puts an end to individually downloading, compiling, installing, configuring and administering available Thin Client modules. OPTions functionality and client availability, as well as its integration into the Linux Desktop, goes well beyond any available open source solution. It provides a commercially supported and maintained Thin Client software solution for Linux Desktop Systems. Compatible with GNOME and KDE it provides a single application to connect to all major free and commercially available terminal server environments. OPTion also eliminates the need to purchase a terminal emulator suite. The well respected Ericom PowerTerm terminal emulator suite and the new RemoteView technology (RDP Seamless Applications) are integrated into the OPTion software.
?With OPTion our company offers the missing link to customers considering the move to Linux on the desktop. We recognize the emerging growth of Linux on the desktop and see the opportunity to offer a turnkey product unlike any other in the market. By adding OPTion to our product line, a potential customer now has the option of using either a Linux PC based Thin Client Solution or our NETion which offers a fully functional, dedicated Thin Client to connect to any available terminal server or host?, says Hans Knobloch, CEO of SmartFLeX Technology.

All OPTion client modules are tightly integrated and configured within a single setup. Client Setup, Device mapping, and Port mapping are all included within the Virtual Thin Client Setup. Client sessions are centrally managed and executed from within a central launcher.

Client sessions include:
Standard XDMCP (Full Screen and/or within a Desktop Window)
Secure direct X
Secure X login (Full Screen and/or within a Desktop Window)
RDP (Full Screen and/or within a Desktop Window)
xRDP with integrated Ericom Seamless Applications (RemoteView) for WTS 2000/2003 and a cost free RemoteView Terminal Server Agent
ICA with server and application browser
Ericom PowerTerm Emulator suite (Full Screen and/or within a Desktop Window)
NoMachine NX Client, supporting NX Server 1.3 and 1.4
Native Tarantella

Supported Linux Distributions:
Mandrake Corporate Desktop 3.0
Mandrake Linux 10.1
Fedora 2
Fedora 3
Novell 9/ Suse Linux 9.1 (March/April 2005)
Xandros Business Desktop 3.x (March/April 2005)
A sophisticated installation and licensing module insures that OPTion can be installed easily and safely on all supported Linux distributions. OPTion is available in single user licenses and corporate licenses.
Retail Prices for OPTion Single User License are $ 89.00 for the CD Version or $ 79.00 for the Download Version.
Introductory Pricing for OPTion is $ 79.00 for the CD Version and $ 69.00 for the Download Version.

About SmartFLeX Technology:
SmartFLeX Technology is a leading USA based, privately held and funded Linux IT product design and service company. SmartFLeX Technology is recognized as one of the fastest growing and most flexible customer oriented Linux Thin Client, Desktop and Server Solutions company. Company highlights include the first network terminal in 1993, the first Linux based Thin Client in 1994, the first true Linux Desktop Distribution in 2000, the first SmartFLeX Client in 2001, the first SmartFLeX Server in 2002, and now first again with the OPTion Virtual Thin Client. For additional information or to inquire about investment opportunities, please contact or