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A press release from Open-Xchange Inc.:

TARRYTOWN, NY, October 25, 2005 -- Open-Xchange Inc. today announced an open source project to link its Open-Xchange Server with GNOME Evolution, the popular Linux groupware client.

Open-Xchange Inc. is the leading vendor of open source collaboration software. Its flagship product, Open-Xchange Server (OX), provides the features and functionality of asynchronous collaboration software: e-mail, calendar, contacts, projects, tasks, and document sharing and interoperates with popular ‘rich’ clients such as Microsoft Outlook and KDE Kontact and most web browsers.

With the launch of its new open source project, code named Intelligent Design, Open-Xchange is inviting developers to join in an effort to expand client support for and build a connector to GNOME Evolution. All contributions will be licensed under the General Public License (GPL) and be available for free on Open-Xchange,.org, the company’s open source web site. Additional technical information is available at (

On February 1, 2006, Open-Xchange CTO Martin Kauss will recognize the most outstanding contributions to Project Intelligent Design. The winning developer will receive an all-expense paid trip to LinuxWorld Expo in Boston, April 3 - 6, and $1,000 in spending money.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support and creativity of the open source community,” said Frank Hoberg, chief executive officer, Open-Xchange Inc. “The community has ported the OX software to a wide range of operating systems and tested the code on an amazing variety of hardware and software configurations. The net effect of all this interest and effort has been accelerated development and enhanced quality. In the past year we have achieved gains in the OX software that could not have been matched by a single company´s development team. The Intelligent Design Project is the best way that we could think of to continue to harness and celebrate the creativity and energy of the open source community.”

OX is one of the most active and fastest growing open source projects to date. Launched in August 2004, OX now ranks #7 out of 334 groupware projects on web site, #4 in handhelds, and overall #278 out of 47,163 listed projects. The OX open source web site,, is visited by 130,000 unique visitors each month, the GPL version of Open-Xchange Server is downloaded more than 9,000 times each month. In the OX forum, 3650 topics are being discussed by 1650 contributors. The Open-Xchange community has contributed 27 installation guides for Open-Xchange on Debian, SUSE, Red Hat, Slackware, Mandrake, FreeBSD and other operating systems and distributions.

About Open-Xchange Server
Open-Xchange Server 5, the commercial product launched in April 2005, is engineered for ease of installation, migration, administration, integration and use. It interoperates with virtually all web browsers and important proprietary and open source rich clients. Open-Xchange Server supports the two leading Enterprise Linux distributions, Red Hat and SUSE. Innovative connectors, OXtenders, enhance customer flexibility by using open standard APIs to integrate existing IT infrastructures, or even extend capabilities to such as fax, VoIP, or CRM solutions.

About Open-Xchange Inc.
Open-Xchange Inc. delivers reliable and scalable groupware, collaboration, and messaging solutions. Its flagship product, Open-Xchange Server, is the market-leading collaboration server that combines best-of-breed open source software with commercial software add-ons and connectors. Open-Xchange Server is among the Top 300 most popular and most active open source projects in the world today. Open-Xchange Inc. is based in Tarrytown, NY, with offices in Olpe and Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, please visit