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The second beta version of OBS Studio 30.2.0 is now ready for testing. The change log fixes several bugs in Beta 1, including a crash when canceling a stream attempt with incompatible settings, a WebSocket settings migration issue, a theme loading issue, Lua scripts not working on Linux, a chapter marker hotkey setting not showing up, incorrect Replay Buffer button text, theme overriding another theme with the same ID, a warning dialog box for Multitrack Video errors with untranslated buttons, clarification of warning messages,

OBS Studio 30.2.0 Beta 2

Note: NVIDIA users may need to update their GPU drivers to 531.61 (Windows) / 530.41.03 (Linux) or newer.

Note: The code signing certificate for OBS is being updated. This may impact game capture compatibility with some anti-cheat solutions starting with the next major OBS update. If you are a game or anti-cheat developer please see for more information.

30.2.0 Beta 2 Changes

* Fixed a crash in Beta 1 when canceling a stream attempt with incompatible settings [palana]
* Fixed a crash in Beta 1 related to WebSocket settings migration on systems set to non-English languages [tt2468]
* Fixed a crash in Beta 1 where loading a theme could result in infinite recursion [derrod]
* Fixed an issue in Beta 1 with Lua scripts not working on Linux [tytan652]
* Fixed an issue in Beta 1 with the chapter marker hotkey setting not showing up [derrod]
* Fixed an issue in Beta 1 where the Replay Buffer button text could be incorrect when trying to stop the Replay Buffer [gxalpha]
* Fixed an issue in Beta 1 where a theme would override another theme with the same ID [tytan652]
* Fixed an issue in Beta 1 where a warning dialog box for Multitrack Video errors would have untranslated buttons [RytoEX]
* Clarified a warning message in Beta 1 when choosing a different GPU for NVENC [derrod]
* Added detection for outdated Visual C++ Runtime which would cause a crash in Beta 1 [derrod]
* Added detection in the Windows updater for outdated Visual C++ Runtime which would cause a crash in Beta 1 [derrod]
* Made some UI adjustments from Beta 1 based on user feedback [Warchamp7]

30.2 New Features

* Added support for Multitrack Video streaming [palana]
+ On Twitch, this is known as Enhanced Broadcasting. Currently, this requires Windows and an NVIDIA GPU. Support for other platforms and GPU vendors is planned. For more information, see:
+ When this feature is enabled, the following data about your system will be sent to the streaming service when starting a stream:
* OBS config info (canvas width and height, frame rate, encoder width and height, VOD Audio Track setting, OBS version)
* CPU info (name, speed, core counts)
* GPU info (model, memory, driver version, device ID, vendor ID)
* Memory info (free, total)
* OS info (name, version, arch, emulation)
+ Windows info (gaming feature status: Game Bar, Game DVR, Game Mode, Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling)
* Multitrack Video settings (maximum streaming bandwidth, maximum video tracks)
* Added support for Enhanced RTMP/FLV multi-track audio and video [palana/kc5nra]
+ Replaces the old metadata-based "VOD Track"
* Added "Hybrid MP4" output format (BETA) [derrod]
+ Combines fault-tolerance of fragmented MP4 with wide compatibility and faster access times of regular MP4. For more information, see:
+ Supports inserting chapter markers into the file via a hotkey or API. These markers are supported by most video players and editing software, such as DaVinci Resolve
* Added Linux support to the native NVENC encoder [derrod]
+ NVENC AV1 is now supported on Linux
* Added Linux shared texture support to the NVENC encoder [derrod]
* Added Linux shared texture support to the QuickSync encoder [kkartaltepe]
* Added Linux shared texture support to the VA-API encoder [nowrep]
* Added HEVC support to WebRTC output [murillo128]
* Added Composable Themes system to simplify theme creation, maintenance, and enable future customisation options [derrod/Warchamp7]
+ Themes now consist of a base theme and variants that can be switched between in the new "Appearance" settings tab
+ Old themes will no longer work and will need to be updated to the new system. See the wiki page for details:

30.2 Changes

* Various UI and Theme tweaks [Warchamp7]
* Audio of multiple instances of a source in a scene/group is now deduplicated [derrod]
+ Deduplication is recursive, but does not apply on groups or nested scenes that are currently playing show/hide transitions, this may be fixed in the future
* Scene Collection specific plugin data is now retained for plugins that are not currently loaded [derrod]
* Closed-captions are now supported for HEVC and AV1 [jhnbwrs]
* Qt Fusion style is now always enforced on Linux [tytan652]
* Combined PipeWire window/display capture into unified "Screen Capture" source to align with other platforms [tytan652]
+ Renamed "Screen Capture (XSHM)" as "Display Capture (XSHM)" for consistency with other capture sources [tytan652]
* Set default recording format on macOS to fragmented MOV [gxalpha]
* Improved freetype2 text source performance [kkartaltepe]
* File open dialogs now start in the directory of the currently selected file, rather than the default [Warchamp7]
* Moved warnings in advanced output to bottom of settings window for better visibility [GPattenden]
* Various performance improvements for texture encoding [kkartaltepe]
* Prioritize NVDEC decoder on NVIDIA systems [moocowsheep]
* Support NVDEC decoder for encoded DirectShow sources [moocowsheep]
* Replaced non-texture NVENC FFmpeg fallback with native implementation [derrod]
* Log now includes all available encoders [Penwy]
* Reset duration of scene item show/hide transitions when removing the transitions [Warchamp7]
* Adjusted appearance of volume meters [Warchamp7]
* Adjusted appearance of multiview borders and labels [Warchamp7]
* Added support for audio-only and video-only WHIP outputs [tt2468]

30.2 Bug Fixes

* Fixed packet priority not being set for some AV1 encoders, resulting in outputs never recovering from dropping frames [derrod]
* Fixed various issues with audio channel layouts in (remuxed) recordings [pkv/derrod]
* Fixed various issues with the native FLV muxer [palana]
* Fixed various issues with the RTMP protocol implementation [palana]
* Fixed minor errors in HEVC and AVC decoder configuration records [derrod]
* Fixed change discard confirmation dialog popping up twice when closing source properties [tytan652]
* Fixed QSV AV1 on multi-GPU systems [thyintel/derrod]
* Fixed FFmpeg output erroneously checking disk space when not writing to a file [RytoEX]
* Fixed auto-config wizard not working without a stream key [mar10iana]
* Fixed text alignment with extents [exeldro]
* Fixed encoder properties having nested scroll areas in output settings [derrod]
* Fixed crash if input video resolution changes when using hardware-accelerated decoding [tt2468]
* Fixed button text being cut off in controls dock [powersagitar]
* Fixed undo action for filters showing UUID instead of name [derrod]
* Fixed not all eligible Patreon supporters being shown in the "About" dialogue [Warchamp7]
* Fixed copy-pasting show/hide transitions not including duration [Warchamp7]
* Fixed settings dialog being cut off on low-resolution screens [tytan652/Warchamp7/derrod/RytoEX] (yes, this one took four people to figure out)
* Fixed paused indicator text stacking [Aleksbgbg]
* Fixed disabled audio sources showing up in advanced audio properties [Penwy]
* Fixed Grid Mode setting not being persisted when enabled through the View menu [RytoEX]
* Fixed CoreAudio not handling encoder delay, resulting in audio being 44-48 ms late [derrod]
* Fixed OBS not handling negative audio timestamps at the start of an output correctly, resulting in Opus and CoreAudio AAC audio being delayed by a few ms [derrod]
* Fixed VA-API AV1 encoder being unavailable if H.264 is unsupported [kkartaltepe]
* Fixed WebRTC buffer size being too small for recovery with high-bitrate video [Sean-Der]
* Fixed renaming multiple scenes when hitting Tab key while renaming [howellrl]

Release 30.2.0-beta2: OBS Studio 30.2.0 Beta 2 · obsproject/obs-studio