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GloriousEggroll has updated Nobara Linux 39 with fixes for the Nvidia drivers and other updates, including Kernel 6.6.8. The Nobara project is a modified version of Fedora Linux that includes gaming-specific modifications like WINE dependencies, obs-studio, third-party codec packages like gstreamer, third-party drivers like NVIDIA drivers, and so on.

Nobara 39 2023-12-30

– Downgraded Nvidia drivers to production 535.146.02. Unfortunately 545 drivers were not stable for all users and had various issues.
– Added ‘nobara-nvidia-new-feature’ repo, disabled by default. For users who want to try the 545 drivers you can do it this way:

sudo dnf update nobara-repos --refresh
sudo dnf4 config-manager --set-enabled nobara-nvidia-new-feature-39

then run the Update System app and reboot. It should sync you to the 545.29.06 drivers.

If you want to downgrade back to 535.146.02, disable the repo:

sudo dnf4 config-manager --set-disabled nobara-nvidia-new-feature-39

then run the Update System app again and reboot.
– Added ‘update-grub’ alias for grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg. This should help users coming from ubuntu based distros
– Added gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free-extras package to the ISOs and to the media codec package fixups. This allows av1 playback in mpv
– Updated explicit sync patches for xorg-x11-server-Xwayland — this fixes the freezing happening in a VM with llvmpipe and chrome or zenity, and fixes xwaylandvideobridge freezing with llvmpipe as well.
– Updated xwaylandvideobridge so it runs on llvmpipe again (we previously patched it not to due to the Xwayland explicit sync patch bug)
– Updated to kernel 6.6.8.

Nobara #3

added all TKG patches except the iommu grouping patch (this patch is no longer needed and causes more problems than it fixes):

# tkg
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-more-uarches-for-kernel-5.17p.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0001-add-sysctl-to-disallow-unprivileged-CLONE_NEWUSER-by.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0002-clear-patches.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0003-glitched-base.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0003-glitched-eevdf-additions.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0007-v6.6-fsync1_via_futex_waitv.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0007-v6.6-winesync.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0008-6.6-bcachefs.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0012-misc-additions.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0013-optimize_harder_O3.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-BBRv2.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0014-OpenRGB.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-cjktty-6.6.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-cjktty-add-cjk32x32-font-data.patch
ApplyOptionalPatch tkg-0099-fix-confdata.patch

disabled Red Hat hardening options to improve performance:

# See
%undefine _package_note_file
%undefine _auto_set_build_flags
%undefine _include_frame_pointers
%define _build_id_flags -Wl,--build-id=none
%undefine _annotated_build
%undefine _fortify_level
%undefine _hardened_build
%global _lto_cflags %{nil}
%global _configure_gnuconfig_hack 0
%global _configure_libtool_hardening_hack 0
# See
%define _build_id_links none

December 30, 2023