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Virtualized Infrastructure Solution Provides Advanced Tools for the Adaptive Enterprise

HERNDON, Va. — April 4, 2006 – Provisioning and managing virtual datacenters is now easily automated with the release of the SWsoft Datacenter Automation Suite. This comprehensive web-based solution also helps IT managers expediently handle department user requests for server space to accommodate new applications and users on virtual servers.

The Datacenter Automation Suite software addresses requirements for IT infrastructures that adapt quickly to user needs. It helps automate the process of assigning IT resources and also provides the capability to assess costs according to usage. This is important because it is common for data center budgets to be allocated within an enterprise based on usage.

“This latest addition to our set of virtualization management tools and templates is the cornerstone to a truly adaptive infrastructure,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft. “Automation will become an increasing piece of the core differentiation between virtualization technologies. SWsoft, with Virtuozzo and now the Datacenter Automation Suite, offers the most advanced tools for automating, monitoring and managing virtual environments.”

Create Servers to Meet Workload Demand - On the Fly
The new Datacenter Automation Suite enables departments to order services from a secure web-based console and have them instantly provisioned from a shared pool of available resources -- simplifying and automating the datacenter workflow. After delivery, administrators use a web-based portal that allows departments and end users to configure and maintain these services. All resources and applications can be tracked to individual departments and users, so costs can be assigned to the appropriate business unit. The Datacenter Automation Suite can be easily extended through a flexible API.

The new automation suite is used with SWsoft’s leading operating system virtualization product, Virtuozzo, which gives IT administrators the flexibility to dynamically create virtual environments. It reduces the need to add physical servers and improves utilization of existing servers.

Virtuozzo software allows a single Windows or Linux physical server to be provisioned into multiple, isolated and secure virtual environments. The virtual environments perform and execute as independent servers with their own memory, I/O, configuration files, users and applications.

The Datacenter Automation Suite is now available worldwide. More information is available at

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