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Dedoimedo posted a tutorial explaining how to use the Tunlr free service in Fuduntu Linux to get access to Netflix, Hulu, MTV, CBS, Pandora, and other networks ouside the USA through simple DNS lookup changes

When testing Fuduntu Linux, I came across an interesting thingie. This was the first distro to feature the Netflix desktop application in its repository, albeit usable only through the WINE framework. After a bit of tweaking, I got it running, but only to a point. Since my IP address was originating outside of the US, I was unable to use the service. Well, not a biggie, as I have a business VPN that lets me circumvent that and all, but what about normal people, who want this, and can't have it?

This tutorial will show you how you can start using this service, even if you do not like in United States of America or Japan. Best yet, this tutorial will show you how you can achieve this by using Linux. And the Tunlr free service.
  Netflix outside the USA - in Linux & with Tunlr